Bed One Block Hostel: A Convenient and Affordable Hostel in Bangkok!

bed one block hostel bangkok aqa's note
(Last Updated On: June 22, 2024)

It was a last-minute decision when I went to Bangkok and Bed One Block Hostel caught my attention to just book it.

If you’re a solo traveller, hostels are definitely for adventure seekers (good for your wallet too).

Honestly, it was the best decision to stay at Bed One Block Hostel and there are more reasons than convenience and affordability.

Time to get to know more in detail about Bed One Block Hostel, Bangkok in this post!

bed one block hostel bangkok aqa's note
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About Bed One Block Hostel

Bed One Block Hostel is a great place to stay in Bangkok.

It is in the city centre close to many main attractions like the Jim Thompson House Museum, The Grand Palace and Chatuchak Weekend Market located 5.5 km away.

Personally, I’m in for the location and the accessibility to public transportation, specifically BTS (SkyTrain).

It’s less than 5 min to walk to BTS Ratchathewi Skytrain Station. When you get out of the hostel, turn right and you can spot the train station SUPER NEARBY you.

BTS Ratchathewi bed one block hotel bangkok aqa's note

Room types and amenities

The one that I booked is an 8-Bed Female Dormitory Room, and there are 3 types of rooms with bunk beds (with black curtains) only, such as:

  • Standard 10-Bed Mixed Dorm
  • Female Dormitory 10-Bed

The room came with air conditioning, a personal locker (bring your own lock), WiFi and a sofa.

The shared bathroom with shower is located outside of the room. Shampoo, soap and towels are provided as well!

The hostel has a variety of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, express check-in/check-out, luggage storage, washing machine & dryer, microwave and fridge.

Activities and facilities

Aside from the attractions that I list in the About section, this one is specifically for cafe lovers.

There are two nearby cafes that you should check out—Screaming Beans and mono.

Even though the hostel provides breakfast, I can’t miss the chance to try at least one of the cafes that are just one step away from me.

So, I went to mono, grab a cup of caramel macchiato and sit outside—while enjoying the rain.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt at peace at that time and it’s definitely a time needed for me. All I can say it’s worth it.

cafe nearby bed one block hostel bangkok aqa's note

Lili thoughts

Overall, Bed One Block Hostel is a great place to stay in Bangkok. It is convenient, affordable, and has excellent amenities.

Can you imagine, I paid RM84.38 for two nights and I get all these above. But my few favourite things about this hostel are:

  • The staff is attentive.
    I asked them what if I arrived early and they replied I can put my luggage, take a shower (if possible), can enjoy their WiFi, coffee, tea or snacks in the lobby.
  • The freedom to go out and come back as you like.
    Their front desk is open from 11 am to 8 pm, while the staff is available from 7 am until 9 pm. With these operation hours, you have to bring your keycard to open the main door after 8 pm. Since Bangkok nightlife is fun, hopefully, this info is helpful!
  • Definitely LOVE the nearby public transportation.
    As a solo traveller, having nearby public transportation is A+ because I can save money on e-hailing services and explore the city safely. Definitely, fight the traffic as well. BTS Ratchathewi Skytrain Station, I will remember your name forever.
  • Breakfast and communal area.
    The communal area is definitely well thoughts at this hotel. There is a PC where you can do your work, a kitchen with complete facilities for long-stay visitors, and a book corner where you can take a breather. For breakfast, they prepared cereal, bread with jam and bananas. It’s very well thought out, in my opinion.
  • One of the staff is A CAT
    If being cute is part of the staff task, then the big chubby cat is part of it. I forgot the name of the cat, but having him laying on the bean bag sure makes my stay at Bed One Block Hostel remembered.
big chubby cat bed one block hostel bangkok aqa's note

So, that’s the pros and my favourite things about an overall assessment of the hostel. How about the cons? I do have two.

  • Stairs all the way up.
    The 8-Bed Female Dormitory Room is located on level 5, the highest floor in the building. If you bring a backpack only, the stairs shouldn’t be any problem. For big luggage, just want to let you know about this first! But, I understand why they put the female dorm on the last level, so you can get more privacy as the other floor is for mixed dorm rooms.
  • Not-so-fun when you’re alone in an 8-Bed Female Dormitory Room.
    During the last night of my trip, I was left alone and it was a bit scary, for me. Imagine being alone with 7 empty beds. Thank god for the blackout curtains, and with lights. I can sleep fairly enough before my morning flight.

There you have it! Here’s my take on Bed One Block Hostel. If you are looking for a quiet and affordable hostel to stay in Bangkok, this hostel is a great choice.


Going to Bangkok anytime soon? Book your stay at Bed One Block Hostel! Aside from affordable, it’s convenient as well. If you want to read my honest review on this hostel, check out my blog Aqa’s Note (click the link in the bio) 🫶 #bangkok #bkk #รีวิวที่พัก #ที่พักแถวสยาม #bangkokhostel #bangkoktrip #hostelreview #aqaescape

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BED ONE BLOCK HOSTEL, BANGKOK INFO: Address: 486/125 Petchbuti16 Ratchathewi, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400
How to get to the hotel: Around 50 minute bus and BTS ride from Don Mueang International Airport to BTS Ratchathewi
Check-in / Check-out: From 2.00pm (until 8.00pm) / Express check-out

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