About Aqa's Note


If you are coming from ‘Curitan Aqalili‘, let’s start fresh here!

Hello might be used as normal greetings, but it shed lights during my darkest days – when I lost my job during this pandemic happened.

With this reborn of lifestyle blog, I want Aqa’s Note to brighten your days with endless lifestyle stories.

I have been blogging since 2011, writing lifestyle topics, and in 2016 I start my first job as an intern at Wanista, a lifestyle portal written in Bahasa Malaysia.

During my degree year, I get back to blogging for an assignment and interned at a media company called mStar for 3 months. I learned a lot by being in the media industry for a while, but it’s not my cup of tea to be a general desk journalist.

So, I change my career to the creative industry as a Content Marketing Executive at Halal Navi & JustKosme. I wrote articles, captures videos, edit it and curate social media.

blogger to wordpress self hosted

After unfortunate things happened, JustKosme shut down, and I have 1-month free time before I worked at Pursuit, Focus Malaysia as a lifestyle writer. I found my love in writing back and decided to keep improving my grammar by writing regularly.

Hence, when I lost my job during COVID-19, I decided to rebrand and work on a more professional platform as Aqa’s Note.

If you are looking for personal travel stories, beauty explorer and love K Culture, let’s be friends right here on now!

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