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What I Really Think About The Joey Mattress Topper Inside Playpen

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2024)

After two years of having a good night’s sleep, it’s time to let my baby boy experience the same, plus a good long stretch nap at the playpen area is much-needed. So, that’s where The Joey Mattress Topper comes into the picture!

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What’s About The Joey Mattress Topper?

The Joey Mattress Topper enhances your sleep experience with extra comfort and support, ensuring a restful night. It can transform your aged mattresses, adjusting firmness on hard or soft beds, is versatile and has protection and durability. Let me explain a little bit further below:

  • Transforming aged mattresses: The Joey Mattress Topper revives ageing beds, eliminating sagging and unevenness, and restoring them to their original state!
  • Adjusting firmness on hard or soft bed: Unhappy with your mattress’s feel? This topper instantly fine-tunes your bed’s comfort to perfection.
  • Versatile comfort: Provides exceptional comfort even when used independently. Perfect for occasional guest sleeping, as a play mat, or for impromptu movie nights in the living room.
  • Protection and durability: Our topper ensures defence against dust, dirt, and hair, preserving the cleanliness and longevity of your mattress, and keeping it fresh for an extended period.
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What’s Inside The Joey Mattress Topper

So what makes The Joey Mattress Topper the best choice for you (and myself)? Ehem, especially if you’re a mommies out there!

One of the best features you should know is that the mattress has anti-dustmite treatment.

This means the topper is treated with dust mite repellent to strengthen protection against dust mites. Which is a plus point and safer for my baby! For more details on the topper materials, refer below:

The Core

Top Knit: 68% Polyester, 32% Viscose
Border fabric: 100% Furniture-grade Polyester

Main Body

100% in-house engineered J-Foam Balanced™. For more in-depth information on the material and composition, read here.

Underside fabric

100% Polyester

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Lili Thoughts

When they came out with the topper, I was intrigued would it feel the same as our mattress? It turns out IT DOES for friction for the price.

My husband and I have been getting a good night’s sleep since 2022 with our Joey Mattress queen bed, and we still think that it’s the best purchase ever for our backs and bodies.

We bought our mattress for RM2k and The Joey Mattress Topper queen is priced at RM695, which will save you RM1,400.

Since the topper is versatile, I use it to put it in the playpen area so my baby and I, both can have a good nap in a safe area.

He is standing and reaching a new milestone so it’s nice to have something that he can land on safely. It takes my worry away as a first-time mom!

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“But Lili is purchasing topper is too much for the baby?.” For me, it’s not and let me tell you why.

Our baby slept in Joey Mattress since he was 3 months old, so we know that he can AND likes to sleep on it.

The anti-dustmite feature is LOVE because it’s low maintenance. Since the fibres are so tightly packed together, the fabric creates a barrier between the bed and the sleeper that dust mites can’t pass through.

It’s compatible with all mattresses. When he grew up, we knew that this topper would have his BACK no matter what!

Overall, the only right way to describe The Joey Mattress Topper is IT’S THIN BUT MIGHTY!

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