joey mattress review Aqa's Note

What I Really Think About Joey Mattress After Trying It Since March 2022

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2024)

I didn’t think that having a good mattress was that important until… I have a terrible back ache that was longing for a great support. I know mattresses can be expensive, but I heard from someone: “You need to invest in a good one.”. So, that’s what we did and bought The Joey Mattress in Queen size.

Who’s Joey Mattress

Joey Mattress founders, Joey and Winson, created the brand because they believe Malaysians deserve to get better sleep at a fair price.

They believe high quality, fair prices, and customer happiness goes a long way. From design to production, they made sure only the highest quality goes into the Joey mattress. It’s proudly made in Malaysia by Malaysia.

Aside from mattresses, they are expanding their products to bedsheet sets, pillows, blankets and protectors.

joey mattress Aqa's Note

What’s Inside The Joey Mattress

So what makes Joey Mattress so good must come from within. Before getting in-depth, one of the best features you should know is that the mattress has Zero Motion Transfer Technology, and the bed is treated with dust mite repellent to strengthen protection against dust mites. For more details, refer below:

The Core

Comfort Layer: 8 CM J-Foam Comfort engineered for maximum pressure point relief
Support Layer: 15 CM dense, high-resilience J-Foam Support for firmer responsive support and ultra-durability.

The Cover

To knit: 68% polyester, 32% viscose
Border fabric: 100% furniture-grade polyester
Underside fabric: 100% polyester

See, my cat also loves Joey Mattress dearly.

Lili Thoughts

My first impression of this mattress is that it isn’t perfect and is tough to sleep on after unboxing. Yeap, we slept on it right after because it’s an RM2k mattress & #WeBroke. But the unboxing part is straightforward, and the only thing is it’s freaking heavy. Thank god we have each other to lift the mattress out. So, it’s easier.

Even though I mentioned that the mattress is hard, I felt it was too early to return it, so we gave it a chance, and it turns out it’s the best purchase ever. Let me tell you why.

I never wake up feeling refreshed after sleeping, but this mattress gave me that.

I love to do work on the mattress. But with Joey, I fell asleep after 5 minutes which I never did on my previous bed.

My backache is getting better, and I feel less tired.

I noticed these three critical points in March 2022 and am still experiencing them. I like how the mattress is not too soft or hard, and it seems in the middle ground. For me, zero motion is an additional feature. As long I had a good night’s sleep, that’s all that matters. I did get it from Joey Mattress.

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