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Sampul Raya Viral 2023: 5 Local Illustrators that You Have to Know!

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2023)

Ramadan is almost ending and now it’s time to prepare for Raya! You’ve got your Kuih Raya, change money but what about Sampul Raya (money pockets)?

You have come to the right place because I have compiled 5 local illustrators that designed a VERY CUTE Sampul Raya viral 2023, for you to insert Duit Raya for your loved ones. All the info you need is here!

What is Duit Raya?

According to, Duit Raya is money given from adults to children during the Eid al-Fitr celebration in Malaysia. This is a Malay tradition and part of it defines what Raya is all about. I find that article from The Rakyat Post very interesting to read! If you’re interested to know more about this topic, read more here.

5 Cute Sampul Raya Viral 2023 that You Should Check Out!

If you’re looking for cute, colorful, and flowery Sampul Raya designs, you should scroll away and click on the link available in the box!

1. somethingseni

Ciida is a watercolorist that loves to design on florals and cats! There are six new designs for Sampul Raya 2023 with a theme revolving around children’s illustrations, featuring colorful and cheerful Raya scenes. 

But with the current update on Shopee, her Sampul Raya is only left with two designs—Makan Makan and Pergi Beraya. Hurry up and grab while stocks last!

Price: RM7 for 5 pcs (per design)
Materials & size: 140gsm Linen (Textured Paper) & 79.5mm x 154mm
Postage fee: Starts from RM4.90 
To purchase the Sampul Raya, click here.

Check out Ciida Instagram here as well!

2. nadramatiq

nadramatiq mentioned one of her Instagram Reels that: “I have always dreamed to have my own Raya money packet with good quality material. “

Well, her designs are quirky and vibrant with a quality finish touch!

Price: RM15 for 8 pcs (1 pack - 2 designs)
Materials: 157 gsm art paper with soft touch finish
Postage fee: Starts from RM1.90 
To purchase the Sampul Raya, click here.

Check out nadramatiq Instagram here as well!
nadramatiq sampul raya 2023 aqa's note

3. imsycraft

Kira is an embroidery, drawer, and painter. This year she decided to put all of her favorite things altogether!

Introducing ‘bloom’ Sampul Raya, featuring hand-embroidered florals with soft and aesthetic background colors that match nicely with the florals.

Price: RM18 for set of 3 packs (1 pack - 5 pcs)
Materials & size: 130gsm gloss art paper & 79.5mm x 154mm
Postage fee: Starts from RM4.90 
To purchase the Sampul Raya, click here.

Check out imsycraft Instagram here as well!
imsycraft sampul raya 2023 aqa's note

4. Afina Illustration

A full-time illustrator and a mom, Afina sure knows how to make Sampul Raya more interactive!

The Sampul Raya is inspired by the famous puzzle book “Where’s Waldo?” and you can a character named Encik Duit Raya hiding in the Sampul Raya! Great to give to kids to let them spend the time to find hidden things on their Sampul Raya itself.

Price: RM10 for 1 pack (10 pcs)
Postage fee: Starts from RM4.90 
To purchase the Sampul Raya, click here.

Check out Afina Instagram here as well!
Afina Illustration sampul raya 2023 aqa's note

5. Artsysofea 

It’s Artsysofea’s first time selling Sampul Raya! She’s partially excited and nervous, but very glad that she managed to make them on time this year.

She only has one design for this year, and I really hope she will add more collections next year!

Price: RM11 for 2 packs (10 pcs)
Materials & size: 130gsm glossy art paper & 80mm x 154mm
Postage fee: Starts from RM1.90 
To purchase the Sampul Raya, click here.

Check out Artsysofea Instagram here as well!
Artsysofea sampul raya 2023 aqa's note

Extra Mentioned: Projek sembangsembang

I’ve mentioned Projek sembangsembang numerous times on my blog here—2022 Calendar You Can Purchase from 8 Local Businesses In Malaysia and 8 Malaysian Illustrator 2021 Calendar You Can Purchase From!

So, we can’t forget them during this Raya season because they have two designs left that you can purchase on Shopee! Click on the photos below to go straight to their shop.

Lili Thoughts

I always love to see our local illustrators striving and coming out with their own thangs, SALUTE!

So, let’s appreciate our local illustrators that bring joy during this Raya, time to make this Sampul Raya Viral 2023 go viral for real. By the way, I want to wish you Selamat Hari Raya in advance!

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