Nudestix | Nude Blooms by Pony Park Makeup Set

Nudestix Nude Bloom Pony Park
(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)

I never thought this day would come! A collaboration between Nudestix and Pony Park, whoever thought that?

Who’s Pony Park?

Pony Park is one of South Korea most famous influencers and YouTuber, with over 7 million followers on Instagram, while 5 million on YouTube. She is also a celebrity makeup artist and knows for creating beautiful makeup looks.

I became fascinated with Nudestix and the motto to “Go Nude but Better”. The idea of simplifying and using products in multiple ways became the perfect solution for myself – especially during travels. The NUDE BLOOMS kit curated by myself, BITTI and Nudestix encapsulate Nudestix’s core message of “Go Nude but Better” at the same time combining one of my favourite makeup terms, ‘MLBB’ My Lips but Better” – said the Korean sensation, Pony Park.

Nudestix Nude Bloom Pony Park Bitti Nudestix Nude Bloom Pony Park Bitti

About Nude Blooms

Pony is a big believer in multitasking makeup products, and in Nude Blooms, it consists of 5 makeup products. The set is essentials for face, eyes and lips to create looks ranging from soft, pretty and natural, with the ultimate glass glow look.

  • Nudies Bloom Cherry Blossom Babe: A multi-use stick that can are usable anywhere to create glowing
    skin and an all-over dewy look. The bright pink-rose flush hue works flawlessly with any skin tone.
  • Nudies Glow: Illumi-Naughty: Luxury K-beauty cream highlighter formula that multi-tasks as cheek
    blush, eyeshadow and soft lip colour. The lightweight and long-wearing, pearly white shade.
  • Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour Praia: It’s a 4-in-1 eye pencil can be used as an eyeshadow, eyelid primer,
    eyeliner or highlighter for an all-natural shimmer. Praia is a golden sand tone with golden shimmer.
  • Lip Glace Nude 04: Super hydrating lip gloss, this blush pink gel provides great colour payoff without
    being sticky.
  • Makeup Pouch: Baby-Pink

These products provide versatility, creamy and long-wearing colour payoff. The products made with innovative Korean formulation.

Nudestix Nude Bloom Pony Park Bitti
Left: Nudies Bloom Cherry Blossom Babe  / Right: Nudies Glow Illumi-Naughty.
Non-sticky lip gloss.
Nudestix Nude Bloom Pony Park Bitti
Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour Praia / Lip Glace Nude 04.
Nudestix Nude Bloom Pony Park
Subtle shimmery 4-in-1 eye pencil.

Lili thoughts:

So, I recreate the campaign look with step-by-step video here, and it’s pretty easy to follow! I notice that the formulation here is pretty creamy and you only need a dab to create that glowy look.

I like how the colour is not too muted, especially lip gloss! First time discover Nudestix lip gloss, non-sticky, but it makes your lips feel minty. It’s a surprise sensation 😂

Just take note that when you use the Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour Praia, a little bit goes a long way. Make sure to blend it well to avoid patchiness.

Overall, it’s another pleasant one! Nothing could go wrong when Nudestix and Pony Park collab. Looking forward to more surprises!

By the way, my favourite product from Nude Blooms would be the lip gloss. 😘

Price: RM305
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Nudestix Nude Bloom Pony Park Nudestix Nude Bloom Pony Park

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