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Home Cafe | Guide to Start the Aesthetic Pleasing Journey

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)

홈카페 direct translation to English means Home Cafe. Well, you thought it would be just an ordinary drop instant coffee to your cup and voila.

You’re nearly there, but it’s much more aesthetically pleasing for the viewers. It’s also an ASMR experience as most of the videos contain ice dropping sound, that will make you tingle in the right way. 😉

As a person who loves to experiment and try new things, I’ve done one content that kind of like Home Cafe. But, I realised that I need to improve the moment I upload this video. I learned the hard way, and I want to restart with a bam! So, I write this guide to ease your process if you wanted to become one too.


1. Cups & Glasses

The first thing that I noticed when I watched Home Cafe videos is the endless cute cups and glasses. I noticed there are tons of Korea brands that sell them. If you have tons of budget, go for it, support their items. But, if you have less money to spend, I want to recommend this one shop on Shopee called Olive Home.

2. Utensils

Second things that I saw is utensils! Range from stainless steel spoon for stirring to cute ice tongs, small tools can be an attention grabber. You can use what you have at home but, if you want to create an image for your accounts, I can see that you need to invest in fitting that aesthetic.


3. Technical Items

We are done with that! Now, it’s time to get technical. There are few things that you can take into consideration to ease the process of shooting besides phones or camera. First, you need to have quite a room, minimalist space and best lighting.

Natural lighting is always the best lighting, and it can be at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm or 6 pm. Find timing that is suitable for your liking and of course, that disperse the best light during the shooting. If you’re busy during daylight, grab one ring light and shoot during nighttime.

If you don’t have minimalist space, make a small space and purchase backdrop. If it’s too loud but bearable, bought a microphone. But, in my opinion, plan the timing and make sure there is no disturbance. The options that I gave you are truly optional.


These are three tips that I can give you to start a home cafe account. These tips are based on my own research, from watching tons of Home Cafe videos. They have the same concepts, but it depends on the account’s owner to create aesthetics for them to represent. It would fun if I can see dark aesthetics, that would be something different ain’t it?

So, make sure to plan all the recipes and setup. If it’s not working, don’t give up and keep on experimenting! Enjoy the process because that what’s make you better than yesterday.

3 Aesthetics Korean Home Cafe accounts that you need to follow HERE.

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