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Looking for Acne Solution Under RM60? Fanbo Cosmetics Got Your Back!

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2022)

Malaysia’s hot and humid weather all year round and acne don’t get along! It’s time to look for a proper skincare routine for your skin so you can spend the summer acne-free under RM60 with Fanbo Cosmetics.

Who’s Fanbo Cosmetics?

Fanbo offers a wide range f top formulated halal makeup and skincare lines — specifically researched and developed for Southeast Asian women.

A cosmetic leader since 1968, it’s a testament to that brand’s quality and Fanbo’s ongoing innovation and product development.

With the key message “Effortless Beauty”, Fanbo focuses on daily cosmetics suitable for ALL women to help highlight their natural beauty and let their true inner selves shine through.

Their skincare is Halal, and NPRA Certified.

Fanbo Cosmetics Acne Solution Skincare Routine

Let’s see if the ultimate acne kit will work wonders for your skin! Starting from cleanser, tone, moisturise, acne gel and extra step, loose powder. Let’s go!

1. Fanbo Acne Solution Facial Foam

The facial foam cleanser contained Tea Tree Oil, Hydra Solution SA, Silver Active and Pro-Vitamin B3 that gently yet effectively cleansed oily and acne-prone skin.

fanbo acne solution facial foam aqa's note

2. Fanbo Acne Solution Face Toner

The acne solution face toner is a mild toner suitable for daily use in the morning and evening. It can help to refresh and remove excess dirt, oil, and sebum for a fresh, clean face.

Also, it helps in oil-control and maintaining clean pores, reduces the growth of bacteria, prevents acne, and minimises the appearance of pores.

fanbo acne solution face toner aqa's note

3. Fanbo Acne Solution Moisturizer Gel

The acne solution moisturiser gel is a lightweight water-based formula that is non-oily and absorbs quickly. The moisturiser is hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic formula as well.

It is supposed to control oil secretion and soothes skin. It contains tea tree oil to aid in the recovery of acne and potent antioxidants to improve skin’s elasticity leaving skin plump and youthful.

4. Fanbo Acne Solution Acne Gel

The acne gel is a fast-acting transparent gel, lightweight, non-greasy, with an anti-bacteria formulation. These are the main ingredients and functions that you should know:

  • Tea Tree Oil, to overcome acne-causing bacteria
  • Hydra Solution SA, as oil-control & shrink pores
  • Silver Active can relieve redness and swelling
  • Pro Vit B3 helps disguise acne scars
fanbo acne solution acne gel aqa's note

5. Fanbo Acne Solution Loose Powder

The loose powder is formulated to maintain acne problems by absorbing excessive natural oil on the skin. It’s an anti-clog pore, non-comedogenic and merges with skin colour.

fanbo acne solution loose powder aqa's note

Get acne-free skin under RM60 with Fanbo Cosmetics!

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