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Element Kuala Lumpur | Sustainable Hotel in City Centre

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2021)

My husband booked a stay at Element Kuala Lumpur for our 1st-anniversary celebration (Covid-19 edition), and it was an incredible surprise, especially when I didn’t bring pyjama! Thank god they have a bathrobe, phew, I’m safe.

I’ve been here once for a food review, and the view from the restaurant is spectacular, which makes me curious about their hotel room. So, the check-in runs smoothly; all you need to do is fill in the travel declaration form, nothing complicated.

The room that we stayed in is a 1 bedroom suite with 1 king bed. Since we celebrate our anniversary, they decorate our bed too! If I’m not mistaken, with charges, according to my husband. But, let me tell you, the pillow is soft and the best one that I’ve to lay my head on so far in my life.

Element Kuala Lumpur Element Kuala Lumpur

Element Kuala Lumpur
1 bedroom suite with 1 king bed is what you need to treat yourself!

It’s a convenient hotel located near LRT Ampang! But, if you’re driving, you need to pay RM15/per stay for parking where you can go in and out endlessly. Every time you want to head out, you need to ask the receptionist to verify your parking ticket.


Element Kuala Lumpur
All hotels should have this one so we can save the earth!

As you can see on the Twitter post above, it’s a green building where Element Kuala Lumpur use less plastic. The best part is you can refill your bottle with NSF certified drinking water. So, no plastic bottles are harm at this hotel! Another best thing is they put in-showers dispensers hold soap and shampoo.

These are some more green fun facts about Element Kuala Lumpur: 
1. They use CFL and LEF technology, which provides great light, uses much less energy and lasts longer than incandescent bulbs.
2. Rooms feature carpets that contain post-consumer recycled content.
3. Wall art is mounted on a base made from recycled tires.
4. They use low-VOC paints and antimicrobial carpet pads. 
5. All Element hotels are smoke-free.
Element Kuala Lumpur
The list of services that are available at the hotel
Element Kuala Lumpur
You need to call for assistance if you want to have these items
Element Kuala Lumpur
Someone is happy!

I love everything about the room that we stayed in, the mini kitchen, coffee machine, and the bathtub – which makes me wanted to stay longer. There are a few things that we haven’t tried yet, like the complimentary bike. If you’re going to stroll around the area, make sure to try the service!

Take note that their Ombak Swimming Pool and gym at level 39 are open to the public. But, you have to follow their SOP to have access to them. There is a limitation to use them, and it’s best to plan your time there, especially when it’s a holiday season.

I don’t want to give ratings, but I could say that it’s one of the hotels that I’ve been in my life. So, make sure to book your stay at Element Kuala Lumpur and experience it yourself!

Address: Ilham Tower, 8, Jln Binjai, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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Element Kuala Lumpur
The pool has a great view, would love to swim here another time
Element Kuala Lumpur
One pose with the window and clouds
Element Kuala Lumpur
Beautiful view from our hotel! Wanted to do time-lapse, but I’m too tired at that time

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