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A Complete Photo-Ageing Night Skincare Routine With DermEden

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2022)

Finally, I’ve found weapons for staying young and DermEden plays a role! Glad that I can find a night routine that can help me with photo-ageing problems. So, let’s hop in now!

Who’s DermEden?

Since its beginnings in 2008, DermEden has set the scientific objective to develop each product according to the safe values of medicine and science. Rather than playing the card of permanent innovation without sufficient hindsight.

The formulations of the DermEden cosmetic are developed in Paris under Dr Bachot, and the products are entirely made in France.

dermeden malaysia featured aqa's note

What is Photo-ageing?

As we age, the skin’s cell renewal cycle slows down, and the effects of light (UVA & UVB) accelerate the ageing process.

They create visible damage: dry skin and dehydration are the first signs, leading to more visible wrinkles and fine lines, pigment irregularities and loss of firmness.

DermEden is characterised by unique expertise and photo-ageing, and they’re simplified for us. So it can protect our skin from ageing!

A Basic Skin Routine for Photo-Ageing Care

There are three basic steps with the Night Protocol range. Another measure—is the DD cream that will help you in the morning! Read more about the functions below:

1. Cleanse with Anti-oxidant Cleansing Foam

I first noticed the smell, and the foam created was very light. This cleanser is said to cleanse the skin deeply. But, it doesn’t dry my skin and still purifies it gently.

dermeden antioxidant cleansing foam aqa's note
Active IngredientsCucumber extract: cleanses the pores, moisturises, and refreshes.
Green tea extract: anti-oxidant, tonic, astringent action.
Rosemary extract: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
Acerola extract: detoxifying, anti-oxidant.
Ginger extract: toning
TextureIt’s a bit sticky but light.

2. Reduce Dark Circle with Intense Eye Contour

Although it looks thick in the picture, it’s light, absorbs quickly and moisturises the area. Hopefully, with constant use, it can reduce dark circles and puffiness. How to apply? Use it nightly along the eye contour, lightly massaging with your fingertips.

Active IngredientsAHA – Glycolic Acid: depigmenting and anti-ageing
ΩHA – Dioic Acid: anti-spots and anti-ageing
Liposomal Retinol: anti-ageing
Stabilized Vitamin C: lightening and anti-oxidant
Niacinamide: anti-dark spots
Hyaluronic acid anti-wrinkle and moisturising
TextureIt’s cream based but absorbs into the skin effortlessly.

3. Seal With Intense Night Cream

This night cream is formulated from the unique combination of three types of Hydroxy Acids: AHA – Glycolic Acid, BHA – Salicylic Acid, and ΩHA – Dioic acid Caution to pregnant women as this moisturiser contains Retinol.

Due to all the ingredients, this cream reduces pigmentation spots and moisturises the skin.

dermeden antioxidant anti ageing night cream aqa's note
Active IngredientsAHA – Glycolic Acid: depigmenting, anti-ageing effect 
BHA – Salicylic acid: anti-aging effect
ΩHA – Dioic Acid: anti-dark spots and anti-ageing
Liposomal Retinol: anti-ageing
​​​Hyaluronic Acid: wrinkle and moisturising
Niacinamide: anti-stress and anti-oxidant
TextureIt’s cream based but not as heavy and absorbed pretty well.

4. Protect with DD Cream SPF50 Light

This DD Cream contains micro-encapsulated pigments that adjust to each skin tone for an immediate healthy glow skin effect. So in the picture, it may look white, but it disappears after a while.

As an anti-ageing moisturiser featuring UV protection and containing Vitamin D., It is the first-day cream to solve the equation of providing UV protection while bestowing the benefits of Vitamin D.

dermeden DD Cream SPF50 Light AQA'S NOTE
Active IngredientsHyaluronic Acid: anti-wrinkle and moisturising
Dioic Acid : anti-dark spots and anti-ageing
Vitamin D-like : repairing and restructuring
Microencapsulated tinted pigments: unifying
Solar filters: UVA/UVB protection SPF 50
TextureIt’s cream based but not thick. It absorbed pretty well.

Lili Thoughts

So far, I like the Night Protocol range because it’s specifically catered to use at night. It turns out it’s the best timing to let the skin absorbs the active ingredients. And when I wake up, my skin feels bouncy and moisturised. It gives me the glow that I’ve wanted. But I have a hate relationship with DD Cream only because it makes my skin look oilier throughout the day.

Most importantly, the Night Protocol range does wonders to my skin!

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