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Cureé Imbi KL: Are You Craving for Japanese Curry? (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

(Last Updated On: December 26, 2022)

The first two weeks of Movement Control Order (MCO) is done, but we still need to stay at home until April 14. By working from home, I want to fill my time with blogging. So, here’s to the Japanese restaurant that I went with hubby a few weeks ago before everything happened.

Although COVID-19 is happening all over the world, that not going to stop you from doing things that you love including eat good food. The restaurant that we went named Cureé sells Hokkaido style soup curry and Japanese curry.

Due to the situation right now, restaurants opening hours will be from 8am until 8pm only. You can either do pick up or delivery only.  If you want to order at Cureé, you can check how to order HERE.

Before I went to any restaurant, I will try to ask about the Halal information. So, I sent them a DM, and they replied it promptly!

Cureé Imbi KL
Take note about this yea!

The menu consumes of a wide range from snacks, non-curry dishes to curry dishes and the Hokkaido style soup curry. If you want to see a clearer view of the menu, click here.

Since it was just two of us, I decided to opt for Hokkaido Soup Curry and a mango drink from The Cool Juice. While my husband picked the Japanese Curry with unique add-ons.

Tadaaa! Look at that delicious curry! If I want to be honest, I prefer the Japanese curry (RM13.80) rather than the soup curry. Why? Because of my lovely husband add the Salted Egg Yolk, Chicken Katsu and get spiciness level correctly(RM20.80).

It tastes so good! When I see this photo, I remember how perfectly salted the curry combine with the crunchiness of chicken katsu. It’s a lovely meal!

How to order the Japanese Curry:

1. Choose Mains: Basic (served with carrot, potato and Japanese rice), Natto (RM2), Chicken Katsu (RM3), Fujiwara Tofu (RM5), Prawn Katsu (RM7), Tuna Katsu, Squid Ink Curry (RM8) and/or Avocado Katsu (available dine-in only).
2. Choose of Spiciness Level: Mild, Spicy, Extra Spicy (RM1) or Give me all your chilis (RM3)
3. Choose Rice Portion: Less rice 100g (Free 1x Refill), Normal 200g or Extra Rice 250g (RM1) – Available dine-in only.
4. Choose Add-on (Optional): Melted Cheese (RM3), Salted Egg Yolk (RM3) and/or Omelette (RM5).

Cureé Imbi KL
From left: Hokkaido Soup Curry & Japanese Curry

If you like tomato soup, the Hokkaido Soup Curry (RM15.80) will be the one for you. I picked this dish because I want to taste the main focus of Cureébut for me, it doesn’t meet my high expectation.

Since I pick the Signature Tomato as a base, the tomato tastes too overwhelming and cut down the curry taste. There are three types of soup base that you can choose for the soup, so I should try all of them and find something that would suit my tastebud.

How to order the Hokkaido Soup Curry:

1. Choose Mains: Basic (served with eggplant, lotus, capsicum, pumpkin, carrot, Shimeji mushroom and Japanese rice), Natto (RM3), Fried Chicken Drumstick (RM4), Prawn Tempura (RM8) and/or Avocado (available dine-in only).
2. Choose of Spiciness Level: Mild, Spicy, Extra Spicy (RM1) or Give me all your chilis (RM3)
3. Choose Rice Portion: Less rice 100g (Free 1x Refill), Normal 200g or Extra Rice 250g (RM1) – Price may different for delivery.
4. Choose Soup Base: Signature Tomato, Tencho Special or Mushroom.
5. Choose Add-On (Optional): Boneless Chicken Drumstick (RM8) or Grilled Cheese (RM3)

There are tons of beverages that you can choose from here, but I picked The Cool Juice because I want some refreshing juice. The Mango, Orange, Pear and Lemon (RM12) is perfect for the meal and combat the hot weather.

Cureé Imbi KL

Aside from the food, I’m taking the restaurant environment into consideration! I love the exterior and interior of the restaurant. They have a small shop in the centre that sells cute stuff, all of them are from a handcrafted Instagram shop named TAKOSThe space is huge (you can dine in inside or outside), and there are a lot of indoor plants and cute graphics. Nevertheless, it makes me feel comfortable and homey.

I really want to go there again and ate Japanese Curry rice. But, since I live in Rawang area, it’s out of reach for their delivery service. So, they give me a suggestion to purchase the Cureé Japanese Curry Roux since it can be posted via courier.

I will definitely try the Roux, but more importantly, let’s doa that this pandemic will end soon so we can start to dine-in at our local restaurants and shops. Please stay safe and take care of your health peeps!

Cureé Imbi KL Cureé Imbi KL


40, Jalan 1/77A Off Jalan Imbi, Changkat Thambi Dollah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur 

+6011-1888 7987

Monday to Sunday, from 12:00 - 22:00, closed on Wednesday

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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  • Ray

    October 8, 2020 at 4:11 PM

    I need to try this place. I love the interior and am a fan of Japanese food. so Japanese curry is a must try too.
    I’m always into pretty place hehe

    1. Aqalili Azizan

      October 13, 2020 at 4:44 AM

      You need to try their salted egg curry! Support local restaurant especially during CMCO!

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