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How to Convert Your AirAsia Flights to Credits on Facebook Messenger

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)

Our plan B after the Korea trip got cancelled Sabah. But, it’s indeed a fail, again. These past few days cases in Malaysia hiking up. On March 16, 2020, the Malaysia government announced that they decided to implement the Movement Control Order from March 18 until March 31, 2020.

At first, they said they would only ban travel abroad overseas. Then the authority announced about the travel restrictions nationwide starting March 18, 2020. Even Sabah government has imposed immigration restriction order to non-Sabahan residents and tourists which, unfortunately, again, we need to cancel our flights there. 

So, I decided to do a Credit Account for my AirAsia flights. But, what is Credit Account? Here’s what AirAsia explained on the website:

A Credit Account is where the balance of monies paid towards your booking is stored. Please note that it is not a direct refund to your Credit Card or bank account and it is not the same as BIG Points. The amount is stored to one of the travelling passengers or in the account of the BIG member whose Credit Card used to pay for the booking. 

Let’s start the infographic that AirAsia gave regarding this, for full step via Facebook Messenger, keep scrolling below:

Step 1: Go to AirAsia Facebook Page & Click Send Message

Step 2: Click Covid-19

Step 3: Select Nationals Restricted to Travel

Step 4: Select “Credit Account” Two Times in a Row

Step 5: Select Number 6. Others


Step 6: Reply These Three Questions

Step 7: Type Your Name & BIG member ID in the Feedback Tab

Step 8: Done? Make Sure to Receive the Reference Number Via FB Messenger / Email / My Cases

So, technically you are done. Now you have to wait for the confirmation for the credit account to get into your BIG account. Once the Covid-19 over, you can book new flights within 365 days (1 year).  Right now, there will be two refund methods only: Credit Account or Move Flight. 

Due to the outbreak, any website or airlines social media will get high traffic, and it’s best to keep calm and trying. If you still failed to retrieve after following these steps, it’s best to click Talk To AllStars button.

Till then, I pray nothing but the best and may we can be an excellent wanderlust that is more aware of the environment and how to keep our earth clean.

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