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Let’s Talk About the Weekend Vlog Editing Process

Last week it was my weekend vlog debut on YouTube, and I have mixed feelings for this. Hence, let’s talk about the process, shall we?

I enjoy watching vlogs from Joanday, Ashleybchoi, Q2HAN and always wondered how time-consuming it is. It turns out it does!

In terms of time estimation, I considered the process from choosing the clips and music to editing. It can take around one week or more. But once you get the rhythm, I’m sure you will automatically know what to do, and it will become faster.

Don’t also forget small things for video optimisation on YouTube, such as:

  • Title
  • Tags
  • Description
  • Tags
  • End Screens
  • High-Res Thumbnail
  • Shared on Facebook
  • Public
  • Pinned Comment
  • Hearted Comments

I can also conclude that being in the mood or loving to do it all over again plays a huge part. Consistency is the key, and an excellent example for this case is Joan for her #JOANDAY365.

So, I can understand if my fave bloggers wanted to get off days (although it’s still a new gig for me). It is hard but, at the same time, it gave a powerful sense of fulfilment when someone is watching your video. It provides a different kind of satisfaction.

If you’re planning to watch my vlog every Sunday at 9 PM, you can click HERE. It’s a big project for me, and I hope that it can bring happiness to your life and I can’t wait to see you subscribe to my channel as well. 😍

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