summerist lab korean inspired dessert candles

Summerist.lab | Handmade Natural Dessert Candles in Malaysia

After introducing you to SomTone Studio in January, we are back with another Sapot Lokal section!

It’s still going to be in the home decoration topic, and this time, you will be blown away by all these candles that I spot on my Instagram. Instead of explaining to you about my wishlist, I braved myself to slide into local business Instagram DM and send them few questions.

I hope you will love this section as much as I do. Let’s get to know about our local business – Summerist.lab!

Introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Penny. I’m the owner of summerist.lab and I will tell you more about summerist.lab in a minute but, is a florist based in Kuala Lumpur that sells flowers and concepts!

Tell me more about Summerist.lab

I love cute and vintage art, and it’s one of the reasons why I start this business. This is my passion, and all the candles designs are Korean inspired. Before I delve into this candle-making business, I took classes to learn more about the foundation and practice making unique products.

Another reason I start this business is I love to deliver happiness to people. I’m thrilled when they are happy to receive all these cute candles.

How many series of candles are available at Summerist.lab?

There are few candle series available on a pre-order basis, such as — Happy birthday cake, Macaroon, Penelope, Lacey and Monet. Of course, we will add more new designs. So, stay tuned!

Tell me your five fave candles & why

It’s hard for me to choose the top five because I love all of them caused all are unique and handmade with love.

summerist lab korean inspired dessert candles

Do you make all the candles yourself?

Yup, I made all the candles by myself. Hopefully, when the business grows, I want to build a team for summerist.lab soon.

How can people reach you to purchase the goodies? And your hope once they received your cute Korean dessert shop.

Most of my customers reached me via Instagram or Whatsapp. I hope once they receive my candles, they will feel happy with the cute purchased. I’m delighted to see all the positive reactions when they received the candles!

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