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How to Build a Self-Hosted WordPress | #LiliBlogTips

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2023)

On May, I decided to revamp and rebrand my blog. I used Blogger since 2011,, and I thought it’s time to move to WordPress. So far, it’s the best decision ever with the Yoast SEO and looks more professional. At the end of the post, I will let you know about the total that I spend on this investment.

Here’s the checklist that helps me to set up my new website using!

Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger
Sorry to surprise you 🤣 but, self-love while working is the best combo!

1. Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

When a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files, they are hosting a website. Get to know more about it on namecheap.

Lili Thoughts:

The early stage is a bit tough because it’s my first time and I didn’t know what to do, which makes me a bit overwhelm. But, so far the customer service are available 24/7 and they always settled my problem. With the plan too, I have one chance to migrate the existing project to the new web. So nothing that complicated since they help me with the setup.

The only thing that I noticed that you have to be aware of the hidden charges like the Let’s Encrypt SSL, which will expired after you activate. So, technically, they provide you for free, but you need to top up once it ended.

Web Hosting total: RM308.34 / $71.40, bought on May 10, 2020. 

Bought your host plan at Siteground - GrowBig.

siteground web hosting

2. Get & Setup Domain

What is Domain?

Domain is the url like, so you can choose .com, .net, .org or .io when you buy at Namecheap.

If you want to know more about how to buy a domain in Malay language, you can check out Youthayuju blogpost here.

Lili Thoughts:

I have been using Namecheap for quite a while now, ever since I decided to make my old blog, looks more professional. So far, there is not problem and the setup that you need to do on the host is really straightforward.

Domain total: RM38.26 / $8.86, purchased on May 10, 2020.

Bought your domain at 
namecheap domain
What is ICANN? Check out below:

namecheap domain

3. Select & Setup WordPress Themes

What is WordPress Themes?

It’s actually a layout for your web. From my own opinion, you have to choose themes that are mobile and web friendly. There’s no better place to buy themes, none other than Etsy!

Lili Thoughts:

I love Etsy! You can find tons of themes for your website at a reasonable price with easy installation. I could say to upload the html is fairly easy, unless if you want to change the colours, fonts and others, it will take times to make it perfect and make sure that you feel satisfied. But don’t worries, because so far I never dissapointed with customer service on Etsy and some of them event provide free installation!

Always check your website at Mobile-Friendly test on Google Console because it’s really important right now, where most of use open websites on handphone.

WordPress theme on Etsy total: RM148.66.

Bought your themes at Etsy (Lucid Themes).
Don't forget to use ShopBack Malaysia to get cashback when you shop on Etsy!

Etsy Lucid Themes WordPress Themes

The Final Countdown

Hopefully this post will help you to build your own self-hosted website on WordPress. At first it might be a little bit overwhelmed for you especially if it’s your first time and do it yourself! But, don’t rush things to avoid mishap and don’t give up!


Hopefully, I can be a success Malaysia lifestyle blogger in the future! It’s time to invest my time and money on the technical part of becoming blogger. Having at least one blog on Google Rank will definitely my goal this year. Let me know on the comment down below, what more you want me to share on #LiliBlogTips! Stay safe. 😊

Comments (2)

  • Erin Azmir

    November 6, 2020 at 11:16 AM

    omg, you’re paying a lot of money for your hosting! i’m using a plan from and it’s super cheap imo ahaha. btw hello! i’m erin 🙂

    1. Aqalili Azizan

      November 6, 2020 at 1:21 PM

      Hi Erin! I just check the website and the price is for unlimited bandwith is RM650 which is quite a similar pricing. Do you use it? Can you give feedback so I can reconsinder subscribe it next year? Thank you! I’m Lili 😉

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