Dae ga the curve halal korean BBQ aqa's note

Dae Ga: Halal Korean BBQ in The Curve

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2024)

If you’re craving Halal Korean BBQ and nearby The Curve, Damansara—head to Dae Ga straight away!

Located inside the shopping mall, your authentic Korean BBQ journey is just one step away.

dae ga the curve indoor seat aqa's note
One side of the indoor seating
dae ga outside seating aqa's note
Outside seating.
dae ga private room aqa's note
Two private room available.

Dae Ga Korean Restaurant Menu

Dae Ga range of food that they serve is huge. Like beef, marinated beef, chicken, stew, rice & noodles and others.

Let’s say you’re craving certain Korean dishes, you might spot your favourites on the Dae Ga menu.

Take note that the price is included on the menu. The cost is typical for a charcoal Korean BBQ meal in Malaysia.

Aside from meat variations that you can choose for the Halal Korean BBQ, there is a BBQ lunch special meal (promotion still running), a special offer for the marinated short ribs and Halal Hanwoo!

For more info, enlarge the picture below.

dae ga marinated beef menu aqa's note
dae ga menu aqa's note
dae ga menu aqa's note
dae ga menu aqa's note
dae ga halal haewoo menu aqa's note
dae ga bbq lunch set menu aqa's note

What We Tried at Dae Ga

Since Dae Ga’s menu selections are huge, you can try a few of these dishes below if you need some recommendations!

Marinated Beef:

  • Yang Nyeom Galbi (Marinated short rib) – RM88/1 pc, 200 g
  • Woo Sam Gyeop (Beef short plate) – RM58/120g


  • Cheese Tiger Saewoo Gui (Grilled cheese tiger prawn) – RM88/2pcs

Special Delight:

  • Yuk Jeon (Ribeye beef pancake) – RM88/6pcs

Side Menu:

  • Haemul Pajeon (Seafood pancake) – RM38

Rice & Noodle A La Carte:

  • Chadol Kimchi Bokkem Bap (Beef brisket kimchi fried rice) – RM28
  • Dae Ga Mul Nang Myeon (Buckwheat cold noodle soup) -RM32

Beverage / Dessert:

  • Yuja (Citron) Ade – RM35/jug
  • Shik Hye (Korean rice punch) – RM12
daega Yang Nyeom Galbi (Marinated short rib) aqa's note
Yang Nyeom Galbi (Marinated short rib)
dae ga woo Sam Gyeop Beef short plate aqa's note
Woo Sam Gyep (Beef short plate)
dae ga Cheese Tiger Saewoo Gui (Grilled cheese tiger prawn) aqa's note
Cheese Tiger Saewoo Gui (Grilled cheese tiger prawn)
dae ga Yuk Jeon (Ribeye beef pancake) aqa's note
Yuk Jeon (Ribeye beef pancake)
dae ga Haemul Pajeon (Seafood pancake) aqa's note
Haemul Pajeon (Seafood pancake)
dae ga Chadol Kimchi Bokkem Bap (Beef brisket kimchi fried rice) aqa's note
Chadol Kimchi Bokkem Bap (Beef brisket kimchi fried rice)
dae ga Dae Ga Mul Nang Myeon (Buckwheat cold noodle soup) aqa's note
Dae Ga Mul Nang Myeon (Buckwheat cold noodle soup)
dae ga Yuja (Citron) Ade shik hye aqa's note
Yuja (Citron) Ade & Shik Hye

Lili Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve explored K-BBQ in Malaysia, so Dae Ga has been a great spot to start with!

Dae Ga still uses the very original and traditional way of charcoal BBQ. The staff will help you cook the meat, so rest assured to have a relaxed and perfect grill. Especially if you just have a baby like me who just wants a calm BBQ session with your husband.

The marinated beef is well marinated and the beef is high quality because it melts in your mouth.

If you want to try something new, order the Yuk Jeon, ribeye beef pancake as they cook live in front of you. You might be sceptical of the taste because they will dip the meat in egg and flour, but trust me, the ribeye still is the main highlight! I love that it matches with the sour spring onion as a condiment.

dae ga yuk jeon live cooking aqa's note
dae ga yuk jeon step by step aqa's note
Yuk Jeon Step-by-Step

Since Malaysia is hot nowadays, I love that there are cold noodle soup options. There are the plain and spicy versions and I would try the spicy one on the next visit!

By the way, usually, your kimchi fried rice is topped with egg only right? If you ordered one at Dae Ga, beef brisket will be included and your lunch is covered with extra protein.

Normally, the banchan is refillable and the staff told me that it will change accordingly. But listen to me, the Kimchi is made fresh daily, and I eat it with marinated beef, it just a burst of flavour. I’m officially salivating right now.

Another thing, Dae Ga Sikhye is on top of my list because they made it themselves and it’s super slushie! It’s super refreshing and the perfect light dessert to end your meal.

Overall, the place is spacious and comfy. They even have outdoor seating (which is a favourite spot at night).

If you have any special events or just want a private space, you can make a reservation and book either of the two rooms that can fit up to 12 people.

There you have another Halal Korean BBQ spot besides Geunyang Gogi and Kung Jung Korean Restaurant. Now you know a Halal Korean BBQ Restaurant in The Curve—Dae Ga.

P/S: Dae Ga served Muslim-friendly food. All the meat and ingredients are Halal sources.

dae ga slushie sik hye aqa's note
Imagine drinkinng this during hot day
Address: Lot 146, The Curve, 1F, Jln PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
How to get to the restaurant: Walk from MRT Mutiara Damansara
Operation hours: Open daily. Monday - Thursday (10am - 10pm), Friday - Sunday (10am - 11pm)
Phone: 03-6421 0733
Visit Facebook | Instagram | Waze

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