Pantai Sri Purnama Port Dickson

Camping at Pantai Sri Purnama, Port Dickson

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)

There are a few best camping site options that are available in Port Dickson. I don’t want to recommend you to a crowded spot. Instead, I want to recommend you to a Pantai Sri Purnama, Port Dickson.

A 4-minute drive from Teluk Kemang is all you need to have peaceful camping stay at the beach.

Facilities available:

  • Restroom: RM6 per night (No charge for a baby until 2 years old)
  • Rent electricity: RM30 per night
  • Rent a tent (can fit 4 people): RM30
  • Surau
  • Food stall
Pantai Sri Purnama Port Dickson
The toilet and surau area.
Pantai Sri Purnama Port Dickson
This is the hut that you need.

Pantai Sri Purnama Port Dickson

Lili thoughts:

It’s my first time camping after 2 years of not doing so, well, looks what COVID did to us in a good way! When my husband, younger brother and I get the chance is to explore nature more and enjoy the sea view, we don’t want to waste it any more.

The first impression of this paid campsite is quite tiring. Since we don’t have our own tent, renting one is our only option. But the previous renter isn’t honest, as they don’t mention that the poles are broken, and we need to change it thrice.

You should know another important thing, especially if you want to camp during the raining season to book the hut earlier. If not, it will be risky for you to put your tent under the tree as we did. Best to avoid that if you can, and you can get electricity under the hut and near the toilet.

The toilet is clean since they prepared a place for you to wash your feet. I didn’t try the food at the stall, but they didn’t open for 24 hours. So, you should prepare some jajan or set bbq if you want to keep up through the night.

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