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Review: I Tried 3 Malaysia At-Home Waxing Kits Brands

Aqalili AzizanJune 5 2020

Hi guys! Since beauty parlour is still closed for now (I hope they are going to back to business soon), I want to tell you about this three local waxing brands that I tried these past few years Norah Wax, Wawawax and Sugar Strange.

If I’m not mistaken, I’ve been waxing myself since 2016, and I want to try as much as local brands and #SapotLokal because right now it’s essential to support local business to boost up our economy. But, that’s not my only reasons, I realised that there are tons of local brands that I still haven’t yet discovered. So, if you have any suggestion, make sure to leave on the comment down below.

Before I write a long introduction, let’s get down to the business.

Norah Wax
Image by Norah Wax

Norah Wax

I consider Norah Wax as an OG in the waxing industry because they are Malaysia’s first premium quality organic hair removal wax. It’s the first wax brand that I get my hand onto, and I always bought the hot wax because I can use all over my body, including bikini wax.

PROS: Every jar comes with washable cotton strips, small and big wooden sticks and manual instructions. With the price, it’s worth the money because it can last around three used (if you used it for legs, bikini wax, armpit and moustache at one go). I mean it’s pretty a lot for me.

It’s environmentally friendly – they use a jar, and it can be wash and reused. The ingredients are 100% organic and chemical-free, so as a whole, it’s environment friendly. Another thing is the wax grab all the hair in one go, I can feel the pain a little bit, but it’s bearable.

CONS: You need to reheat the hot wax to make it work. I mean, you can use while cold, but you will feel the pain, and it doesn’t grip the hairs out by their roots. So, it’s a bit of hurdle for me, and it’s the only disadvantage I could think about Norah Hot Wax.

Price: RM35 for 380gm | Buy Norah Hot Wax HERE. 
Ingredients:100% organic. Made of Natural Honey, Lemon & Tea Tree Oil. Chemical-Free.
For more info visit Norah Wax.
Image by Wawawax


The second wax brand that I tried is Wawawax. This brand only sells cold wax and this type of wax where you can use straight out of the bottle. No need to heat it. Convenient? Yeap, plus you can put this on the cabin bag since it’s 100ml, but make sure to put inside the plastic to avoid getting messy.

PROS: As I said before, it’s convenient, easy to use because you don’t need to heat it as it grabs all the hair from my armpit. If you want to use if for a bikini wax, make sure to heat it so it will be less painful. As they provide all the waxing kits, I prefer their wax strips materials.

CONS: The only thing that I’m concern about this brand is it’s a bit sticky, no doubt since the three main ingredients are honey, lemon and sugar.

Price: RM35 for 100gm | Buy Wawawax Cold Wax HERE. 
Ingredients: Contains three main ingredients which are honey, lemon & sugar. No chemicals.
For more info visit Wawawax.
Image by @chizubunny on Twitter.

Strange Sugar – old formulation

Strange Sugar is my recent wax purchase in March. With all the rave on Twitter on how cute the concept and all the good reviews made me buy both – pink and purple sugar. Of course, I put high expectation on this brand because the feedbacks are unbelievable! I got the old formulation one, so I’m going to review based on that. Let me know if I should try the improve version one and maybe come with a video? Let me know!

PROS: It’s my first time seeing a fun concept for self waxing which is excellent, so people get less intimidated by it.  The wax is full of glitters and colourant; it’s different and unique! The tools that they provided is high quality; it matches the colours of the wax – pink and purple. So, top-notch for the ideas.

CONS: Their 1.0 wax formulation is a bit runny (pink and purple), but I heard their improved version are now ultra-firm. So, I kind of regret of buying the old version because it doesn’t grip hair as much as the two other wax brands and it’s sticky, not in the right way. So, I’ve tried it three times so far, and I just encounter disappointment after another because at last, I need to use my tweezer to clean the area up. Not good experiences.

Price: RM69 for the 2.0 pink and purple sugar | Buy Strange Sugar 2.0 HERE. 
Ingredients: Sucrose, water, citric acid, colorant and glitters.
For more info visit Strange Sugar.

So, that’s my quick review on Norah Wax, Wawawax and Strange Sugar. I hope that from this post you can clear your doubt about which products you should purchase. Thank you @darlienaaa, for the suggestion! Stay safe 😍

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  • Hazwani

    July 7 2020 at 2:14 pm

    hi. ive tried 2 out 3 already. SS & norah. personally, i pun rasa SS kena remove lagi hair using tweezer. btw im using old version too. tapi kalau pakai yg hot, ok sikit la. cuma dia sticky and messy macam wawawax.

    norah ni kalau you nak bagi heat dia tahan lama sikit, lepas you dah panaskan, letakkan jar tu dalam bekas berisi air panas. so it will hold the heat lagi lama dari letakkan kat luar mcm biasa. but i ingat lepasni nak try hard wax pulak. haha

    1. Aqalili Azizan

      July 7 2020 at 2:40 pm

      Yea, too bad 🙁 . I’m going to try the new formulation pula once the old one finish! Hard wax Norah Wax sangat la syok, I plan nak repeat but I tgk banyak local wax products nak coming on market! Excited nak cuba 😉

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  • Ray

    October 8 2020 at 4:07 pm

    I love the packaging for wawawax and sugar strange since it’s very convenient to bring around. But my choice would be Norah since it gives me the best experience in waxing.

    1. Aqalili Azizan

      October 13 2020 at 4:45 am

      it is convenient, but the first batch of Sugar Strange isn’t for me!

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