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6 Tips for Renting a Car in Jeju for Malaysian as a First-Timer!

If you’re planning to explore Jeju freely (like us), consider renting a car in Jeju and driving on the island. It’s my second time here in Jeju; this time, I’m the passenger, while my husband is the driver.

Well, as a person who explored Jeju twice (and looks forward to exploring more), it will be the best decision you’ve made despite the nervousness about driving on the left-hand side.

That’s why you have come to the right place, so let’s learn how to rent a car in Jeju, especially if you’re Malaysian!

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renting a car in jeju checklist aqa's note
Checklist for your perusal!

1. Obtained International Driving Permit (IDP)

It’s good that you’re excited about renting a car in Jeju immediately after the introduction, but make sure to have your International Driving Permit (IDP) first! You should apply for this permit at the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) or the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) branches. Check out the list below because you need these documents to make sure the application process goes smoothly:

  • ONE copy of your identity card
  • Competent Driving License (CDL)
  • ONE passport-size colour photo

You can ask your representative to apply, but they need your original identification. Then, once you bring all the documents, time to fill in Borang Permohonan Lesen Memandu (JPL1) and prepare RM150 for the payment. The price is valid for one year only.

international driving permit jpj malaysia aqa's note
Here’s what International Driving Permit (IDP) looks like!

2. Time to Renting a Car in Jeju with Booking!

Got your IDP? Time to book a rental car for your Jeju trip! There are a few rental car services that you can check out first to book. Such as Lotte Rent-a-car, TamRa Rent Car, Rainbow Rent or Jeju Rent Car.

It’s best to book your date, especially if you’re going to peak seasons like Summer, Spring or Autumn. Avoid renting a car in Jeju on the day of arrival to avoid disappointment. Besides, if you book earlier via the website, you might save some money.

We booked the rental car at Lotte from 22 November 2022 until 26 November 2022 for KRW 176,300 (RM616.40).

Price is included with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), which I highly recommend you take, especially if you’re a first-timer! If you are confident that you will do well driving there, then it’s up to you.

What is CDW? According to GoCar, CDW is an additional package that limits the maximum amount you’ll pay for accident repair costs.

Here’s the rental car website (in English) you can check out before arriving in Jeju!

  1. Lotte Rent-a-car
  2. Tamra Rent Car
  3. Jeju One Car
  4. AJ Rent-A-Car
book lotte rent a car aqa's note
We renting a car in Jeju via Lotte Rent-A-Car

3. Picking Up a Rental Car in Jeju

When you’ve finished preparing and reading about how to drive left-handed, it’s time to buckle up.

Once you arrive at Jeju International airport, head to the Car Rental Shuttle Bus Stop (Outside of Gate 5), use the path under the canopy and get on the shuttle bus operated by the car rental provider that you picked.

Each rental car company may operate at different hours, so be aware of the timing because they’re leaving punctually.

renting a car in jeju shuttle bus aqa's note
The shuttle bus is available from the Jeju International Airport arrival and departure.
picking up rental car in jeju aqa's note
We arrived at night, so follow the guide above!

4. Time to Make a Payment

Once you arrive, prepare your IDP with your passport and credit card.

Take note that most rental cars accept credit cards only! Before you tap that credit card, the staff ensure that the driver and the cardholder have the same name. Then, they will explain the process of receiving and returning the rental car.

For the navigation, when I rented a car at Lotte rent-a-car, they didn’t provide any GPS anymore. Since I knew about that, I prepared all the locations I wanted to visit on Naver Map. Then I connected it via Apple CarPlay in the car.

It’s best to bring your own car phone holder. They can rent it to you, but it is better to use your own because the one they rent is not as flexible.

I booked Roaming Man Pocket WiFi via KLOOK for RM74.25 (10 days).
RM100 deposit is requred once pick-up. You will get it back once you send the Pocket WiFi in good condition.
jeju autohouse counter aqa's note
Welcome to Jeju Auto House! They have toilets available at the centre.

5. Inspect the Car

Now you are in your rental car, don’t forget to check around and take photos of each side of the vehicle, especially if you don’t sign any CDW. If you do have CDW, you have one thing to be less worried about! Start your car and drive to your first destination.

You will receive full fuel once you receive the car, so refuel it thoroughly when you send it back!

renting a car in jeju inspect the car aqa's note
With CDW, we are good to go!

6. How to Full Up Fuel in Jeju

When we picked up our car at Lotte Rent-a-car, they always reminded us to fuel Gasoline, which in Korean is called 휘발유.

There are two types of gas stations (주유소) —SELF and manned gas stations. If you see ‘SELF’ written on overhead signs, it’s a self-service station. While a person will help fuel your tank at human-crewed gas stations.

I recommend you read this blog here. It helps me recall the old memories of when I fueled the tank in 2017.

With the full tank that the rental gave us, we explored more than 10 places one hour away from each other, including Udo Island.

And we only fueled the tank twice, once on 25 November 2022 and once before we sent back our car. Click here for directions to GS Caltex Samnam Gas Station, which is 6 minute’s drive to Lotte Rent-A-Car Jeju Auto House.

For fuel, our total spend are KRW 38,000 (RM 131.42) & KRW 15,000 (around RM40).
I used BigPay to pay for the fuel.If you want to sign up BigPay, use my code OHBKTVVYH2 to get RM5 when you activate your card.
how to full up fuel in jeju aqa's note
We always went to human-crewed gas stations!

Lili thoughts

Before you start driving, make sure to follow Jeju traffic rules. The faster lane will be on your left, so stick to the right side if you want to go slow. Try to be calm and, most importantly, enjoy renting a car in Jeju!

You can also check out the 2017 blog post that I wrote about self-drive in Jeju.

You might feel nervous at first, but you will forget everything once you see the beautiful sea view on both sides of the road. It would be best if you drove straight to Seogwipo to start your healing trip immediately.

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