7 Muslim Friendly Danmuji You Can Get Online on Shopee Malaysia!

Since my last post on Kimchi is a hit, it’s time to list another Korean side dish called Danmuji. Danmuji is a yellow pickled radish that you can always found in Kimbap. When you bite, you can taste that crispy, sweet and sour at one time. It’s a fermented vegetable where they put in vinegar and few spices to achieve that taste.

I like to match this with ramyeon too. But, usually, if you watch Korean Drama, you will see some of the characters eat the half-circle yellow radish with jjajangmyeon. I can understand why they compliment each other.

So, let’s start listing 7 Halal Korean snacks that are homemade and where you can get them online on Shopee Malaysia!

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1. Dalbitjib Korean Yellow Pickled Raddish

There are two types of Danmuji from Dalbitjib, which is the strips and sliced types. Both types got three options that you can choose from either 300g, 500g and 1000g.

Based on the reviews that I read, most of the reviews always mention the packaging problem. But don’t worry, they pack it diligently along with an ice pack which in the hope, you will still receive the package in good condition and can enjoy eating them!

Price: 300g at RM14.90 until 1000g at RM37.90
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM4.60
To purchase the strips danmuji, click here.For sliced danmuji, click here. 
dalbitjib danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
Dalbitjib Korean Yellow Pickled Raddish is available on Shopee Malaysia!

2. MariMogo Dazzling Danmuji

MariMogo danmuji sold around 3.1k packs that consist of 150g, 450g and 1000g. It’s made from fresh vegetables and premium ingredients, which are produced daily.

Like an above store, their danmuji is vacuum packed, so some buyers experience leaking and bursting. Since it’s a fermented food and when it was moving around transition, this thing may happen. I hope that you won’t experience the problem and get frustrated.

Price: 150g at RM12 until 1000g at RM80
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM4.60
To purchase MariMogo danmuji, click here.
marimogo danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
MariMogo Dazzling Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!

3. Bansang Halal Danmuji

Bansang Halal Danmuji sold around 79 bottles of danmuji with 29 ratings. They only sell one type of danmuji at 400g, but it’s interesting because they also sell in sets consisting of their trial pack of danmuji, kimchi, Myulchi Bokkeum and chilli flakes.

So far, based on the review, their customers are satisfied with their fast shipping and the taste as well. I like how they sell it a bottle, and I can imagine they use quite a lot of bubble wrap to prevent it from breaking.

Price: 400g++ at RM15
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM4.60
To purchase Bansang danmuji, click here.
bansang halal danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
Bansang Halal Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!
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4. Shin Korea Shin’s Selection Danmuji For Kimbab use

Shin Korea danmuji sell around 133 packs consisting of 200g, 500g and 1kg of danmuji. It’s 100% made in Korea, and they stated there is no Halal certified, so make sure to check with them regarding the ingredients. There are also two choices, either strips or sliced, which are mainly used for kimbap, but I can imagine myself eating it as a snack.

This store sells 100% authentic & original Korean groceries, and I love to see all the graphic they prepared to ease the purchase process for their customers. So far, 63 of them have given five stars review on this danmuji.

Price: 200g at RM7.50 until 1kg at RM30
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM8.00
To purchase Shin Korea danmuji, click here.
shin korea danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
Shin Korea Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!

5. GotKimchi Halal Danmuji

GotKimchi danmuji sell around 3.1k packs that consist of only 500g of danmuji. They fermented it with turmeric, black peppercorn, bay leaves, water, vinegar, sugar and sea salt. But, afraid not, they mentioned that there would be no strong turmeric smell and taste.

This store sells their Muslim made product such as fresh kimchi, danmuji, tteokbokki and jajang sauce. The customers were mostly happy with the fast shipping and the packaging because they put the danmuji inside a bottle. So, double the protection. But, there is a complaint about the smell, though, but some said it tasted fine despite that.

Price: 500g at RM18.99
Postage fee: RM0.00
To purchase GotKimchi danmuji, click here.
gotkimchi danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
GotKimchi Halal Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!

6. Danmuji Jjang by Aleeyanan

Aleeyanan sold around 306 packs that consisted of 200g and 400g of danmuji. It’s 100% Halal, vegetarian-friendly and homemade, which is based in Bota Perak.

Other than danmuji, this store also sells kimchi, pickle and kimchi paste. And so far, the customers are happy with their danmuji purchases making it 216 of them gave her five stars. Well, I might purchase this after my I finished my eating my danmuji.

Price: 200g at RM9 until 400g at RM18
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM4.60
To purchase Aleeyanan danmuji, click here.
danmuji jjang by aleeyanan shopee malaysia aqasnote
Danmuji Jjang by Aleeyanan is available on Shopee Malaysia!

7. Aigoo Kitchen Danmuji Halal

Aigoo Kitchen sold around 42 packs that consisted of 170g danmuji. It’s 100% Halal, made by Muslims with their homemade brine-based in Kedah.

Other than danmuji, this store also sells kimchi, tteokbokki carbonara, jjajangmyeon, and so many more. I’ve tried these halal Korean snacks before, and they sent it in the package along with a tupperware, which I received broken. But, the danmuji arrived safely. The side dish leans towards sweet more, but it’s a good match for Korean black bean noodles.

Price: 170g at RM8.79
Postage fee: RM4.60
To purchase Aigoo Kitchen danmuji, click here.
aigoo kitchen danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
Aigoo Kitchen Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!
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Review: I Tried 3 Products from Alluskin for 1 month

I’ve always loved discovering new skincare brands in Malaysia. Nowadays, the quality is different, and it’s on par with the international level. I can guarantee you that by introducing you to Alluskin.

About Alluskin

Alluskin was founded in 2019 by a former medical doctor, Dr Nurul A’in binti Sa’ari. The brand first started with Alluskin Purifying Cleanser (also known as APC), a glycolic acid cleanser that works, setting a benchmark of how AHA cleanser should be in the market. So far, more than 50,000 units of cleansers have sold online, and it’s still counting!

They have given birth to three more products: Alluskin Hydrating Toner, Lightbulb Serum, and Barrier Cream. But, in this blog post, I’m going to review only the cleanser, toner and serum. Thank you, Najla, for sending this over in 2020! Now, let’s start~

Whether it's gifted, sponsored or bought with my own money, I will only ever give you my honest review. 
As an independent lifestyle blogger, I will get a small percentage commission, 
if you purchase through referral or affiliate links on every post – at no additional cost to you.

Alluskin Purifying Cleanser

The APC contains 5% Glycolic Acid, which is good for hyperpigmentation and makes your pores look smaller. It also contains Witch Hazel and Allantoin, which combine to perfect acne-prone and problematic skin. This cleanser is free from alcohol, fragrance and essential oil.

Lili thoughts:

It’s the second time that I have experienced less foam cleanser. Last time it was with ORYN Skincare which makes me use to it already. It doesn’t have any prominent fragrance, which I’m okay with as long it brings results to my skin. Since the cleanser aims to combat acne, tiny bumps, dullness and rough skin texture, I can feel that my skin is smoother than before. I still haven’t seen that it help me to combat dullness yet, but it does make my skin feel plumpy after using it.

Check out INCIDecoder analyse ingredients HERE.
Purchase Alluskin Purifying Cleanser HERE.
Alluskin Purifying Cleanser aqa's note
APC is the first product launched by Alluskin.
alluskin results aqalili azizan side
The cleanser helps to clear my tiny bumps, which is stated as one of the functions!

Alluskin Hydrating Toner

Alluskin Hydrating Toner (also known as AHT) is a toner without alcohol that aims to give an immediate sensation of freshness, deep hydration while balancing oil production. It will also soothe your irritated skin and minimise pore appearances. The toner contains Allantoin, Castor Oil, Witch Hazel and Rosa Damascena that can fight bacteria that cause acne, and it’s alcohol-free.

Lili thoughts:

This 30ml toner is not enough for one month. This bottle only lasts me around two weeks with me using twice a day, either by spray directly onto the face or on a cotton pad to wipe all the dirt. Again, it doesn’t have fragrance, but I don’t mind because it controls my sebum production, especially for me, on the nose and chin area.

Check out INCIDecoder analyse ingredients HERE.
Purchase Alluskin Hydrating Toner HERE.
Alluskin Purifying Cleanser Aqa's Note
Alluskin Hydrating Toner (AHT) is a mist or a toner? It can be both!
alluskin results aqalili azizan chin
This toner helps me to control oil production. Sebum is gone!

Alluskin Lightbulb Serum

Alluskin Lightbulb Serum (also known as ALS) is a lightweight gel serum that contains Arbutin, Vitamin C, Glutathione and Rosemary. Tons of powerhouse ingredients inside this bottle will help lighten dark spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and calm irritated skin. This serum is free from alcohol, fragrance and essential oil.

Lili thoughts:

ALS absorb into your skin quickly and doesn’t feel sticky even though it contains Vitamin C. I love this because it helps clear out the acne and balance the skin’s natural oil production. I noticed my skin produced less sebaceous filament, which always collected on the typical nose and chin area. But, I still need to clean it weekly, so this serum, in a way, help me to control it.

Check out INCIDecoder analyse ingredients HERE.
Purchase Alluskin Lightbulb Serum HERE.
Alluskin Lightbulb Serum Aqa's Note
The serum is Alluskin second-best seller product!
alluskin results aqalili azizan nose
Lesser sebum was seen on the nose area. No more than white thingy!

I can guarantee you this is not just hype. This skincare brand surprisingly works well on my skin. But, if you are a person who loves fragrance, you might not use to this because it does not have scents. Again, as long the products work, I don’t mind about that tiny things.  My skin produced tons of sebum, and when I see the before and after photos, I would like to repurchase without a doubt. If you want to try them, you can get your hand on the all-in-one trial kit consisting of all of their products.

Buy the product at Shopee | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Self Supply | Candle DIY Kit, Tile Table & More!

We already knew about Summerist.lab last month. In September, we will tap on another home decor local business called Self Supply!

So, instead of explaining to you about my wishlist, I braved myself to slide into the local business Instagram DM and send them few questions.

Self Supply has the tagline of “YOU are your supply,” which aims to bring out the idea of how you can always be good to yourself be the one who can supply yourself everything and anything without needing someone else. They first start with Candle Do It Yourself (DIY) Kit, in which you can enjoy doing your candles (with guidance) at the comfort of your home.

I’ve bought something from there before for our anniversary, and all I can say is their customer service is the bomb and I used that for shooting props too! So, let’s get to know about them more here!


Introduce yourself!

Self Supply is two women-run businesses named Emily and Joee, inspired by everyday surroundings: nature, outfits, daily life, aesthetics and every little thing to run our business.

Tell me more about Self Supply, like the inspiration behind it!

Self Supply was founded in July 2021. We create every candle hand-poured by heart. Each colour represents each scent, giving yourself a fancy but straightforward candle that brings you to a therapeutic moment.

Since we are obsessed with candles so much, and we know we want to be entrepreneurs one day, so here’s Self Supply. We started with bringing our DIY Kit since we constantly struggled to find the best materials to make our candles in Malaysia. After a lot of trial and error, we finally make perfect candles. We understand how sad and disappointed you are when making failed candles, so we launch this DIY Kit to bring joy, especially during the lockdown. You can enjoy making things that will make your day!

We also just launched ready-made candles, and of course, many fun things are coming very soon!

selfsupplydotcom aqasnote sapotlokal products
All of the products are available at Self Supply! They made their pop-up market in their backyard.

How many kits and items are there? And the price range if you can tell me!

So far, we have two DIY kits: jars (priced at RM64.90) and moulds (priced at RM72.90) and others as mentioned below:

  • Handpoured Scented Soy Wax Metal Tin Candle: RM49.90 – RM51.90
  • Handmade Pastel Concrete Candle Holder/Smile Coaster/Tray: RM10.90
  • Handmade Pastel/ Marble/ Terrazzo Concrete Coaster/Tray: RM13.90 – RM15.90
  • Handpoured Soy Wax Scented Glass Jar Candle: RM54.90
  • Handmade Tile Cube: RM89.00 – RM139.00
  • Handmade Terrazzo Concrete Jar & Tealight Candle Holder: RM12.90 – RM20.90
  • Handmade Concrete Jars: RM23.90
  • Unscented Pillar Twisted Swirl Candle: RM19.90
  • Unscented Mix Colour Pillar Twisted Swirl Candle: RM19.90
  • Unscented Pillar Swirl Zig Zag Wave Candle: RM12.90
You can purchase all of these goodies on Shopee or Instagram via DM!

Do you prepare all the ingredients by yourself? Tell me about where its sources too!

We prepare all ingredients ourselves, and they are local, and some imported such as soy wax and essential oil.

Any sneak of new items that you can give us? I heard you would sell the tile table!

We have a lot coming in, such as ready-made candles, including metal tins and pillar candles. Then, tiles cube and tables are in as well. Since the tiled side tables are available on a pre-order basis, it’s customisable where you choose your preferred sizes, tiles and grout colours. More items will come soon. Make sure to follow us on our social media!

selfsupplydotcom aqasnote tiles table
Now you can get your own tile tables customised in Malaysia!
Shopee | Instagram | Facebook

Why Hollaface 5% Niacinamide Serum is Better Than 10% Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is one of the skincare ingredients that people are hyping until now! This ingredient has been in the market for a while now. You can find topical products either in the form of a serum, cream, gel and even toner.

Aside from that, I want to tap on something that you might not know. Can you have a bad reaction to niacinamide when the concentration is more than 5%? Let’s find out here!

What is Niacinamide and its Benefits?

Niacinamide (aka nicotinamide or vitamin B3) and Niacin (aka nicotinic acid) are heterocyclic aromatic compounds that function in cosmetics primarily as hair and skin conditioning agents. It’s an excellent moisturiser that helps lock in moisture and prevents Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).  There are few benefits that you have to know about this MVP ingredient, such as:

⦿ It helps to increase the production of ceramide for your skin barrier,
⦿ Niacinamide helps to minimise pore appreance,
⦿ Anti-acne and anti-inflammatory, which can reduce redness and skin irritation,
⦿ It treats hyperpigmentation, where research shows 5% niacinamide helps lighten dark spots by inhibiting melanin production and enhancing collagen production,
⦿ Protects from sun damage: by rebuilding healthy skin cells and protecting them from damaging UV rays,
⦿ Anti-ageing. By strengthening the skin barrier and boosting collagen production, the skin can repair and rebuild itself while minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

Can I have a bad reaction to niacinamide?

It turns out it’s possible that you can have a bad reaction to niacinamide. I know, I’m shocked too! But, how can our beloved ingredient give a poor response to our skin?

According to Dr Rachel Ho, Medical Director of La Clinic:

“Most likely an allergic reaction or hypersensitivity—which can occur if the concentration of niacinamide is too high”. And to be fair to Niacinamide, “a skincare product is more than the sum of all its ingredients—sometimes a bad reaction to a skincare product may be due to another ingredient in the product”.

Her advice is to choose niacinamide products containing a concentration of 4% to 5%, which is enough to get all the benefits above. If it exceeds that, it may cause a stinging and burning sensation, redness and your skin will become more sensitive. The higher the percentage, doesn’t mean it’s better. Anywho, use products that contained around 4% to 5%, kapish?

Hollaface Pore Clarifying Brightening Serum Aqa's Note

Product recommendation:

Since we are on the same page regarding the concentration, I would like to recommend one brand that I’ve tried before called Hollaface. Right after I tried their Refreshing Facial Cleanser, the Malaysian local brand developed other excellent skincare products, and one of them contained 5% niacinamide, called Hollaface Pore-Clarifying Brightening Serum.

The Pore-Clarifying Brightening Serum is a gentle yet effective niacinamide serum that delivers visible results on all skin types (#GentleFormulationForAll)! It’s also free from fragrance, oil, silicon and fungal acne safe.

I’ve tried it on my skin before, and the serum absorbed pretty quickly. Since it’s free from fragrance, you won’t smell anything at all. Well, as long it can regulate my sebum production on my nose and clarify my congested skin, I mind the no fragrance part.

Hollaface Pore Clarifying Brightening Serum Aqa's Note
The Hollaface Pore Clarifying Brightening Serum is very lightweight and absorbed quickly.

What People Are Saying About Hollaface 5% Niacinamide Serum

I’ve been raving about their cleanser the moment I used it, and I do not doubt their serum as well. But let’s get real here and make sure that I’m not just all talk. I’ve checked the Shopee store and read all the Hollaface review (product rating) areas from one to five stars, and I’ve compiled legit feedbacks about the Hollaface 5% Niacinamide Serum. If you have more questions about it, ask them away because I assure you the staffs are friendly!

Hollaface Pore-Clarifying Brightening Serum (5% Niacinamide and Vitamin C) - RM34.90
Click here for Hollaface serum ingredients info.
Shop Now | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Summerist.lab | Handmade Natural Dessert Candles in Malaysia

After introducing you to SomTone Studio in January, we are back with another Sapot Lokal section!

It’s still going to be in the home decoration topic, and this time, you will be blown away by all these candles that I spot on my Instagram. Instead of explaining to you about my wishlist, I braved myself to slide into local business Instagram DM and send them few questions.

I hope you will love this section as much as I do. Let’s get to know about our local business – Summerist.lab!

Introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Penny. I’m the owner of summerist.lab and summerist.co. I will tell you more about summerist.lab in a minute but, summerist.co is a florist based in Kuala Lumpur that sells flowers and concepts!

Tell me more about Summerist.lab

I love cute and vintage art, and it’s one of the reasons why I start this business. This is my passion, and all the candles designs are Korean inspired. Before I delve into this candle-making business, I took classes to learn more about the foundation and practice making unique products.

Another reason I start this business is I love to deliver happiness to people. I’m thrilled when they are happy to receive all these cute candles.

How many series of candles are available at Summerist.lab?

There are few candle series available on a pre-order basis, such as — Happy birthday cake, Macaroon, Penelope, Lacey and Monet. Of course, we will add more new designs. So, stay tuned!

Tell me your five fave candles & why

It’s hard for me to choose the top five because I love all of them caused all are unique and handmade with love.

summerist lab korean inspired dessert candles

Do you make all the candles yourself?

Yup, I made all the candles by myself. Hopefully, when the business grows, I want to build a team for summerist.lab soon.

How can people reach you to purchase the goodies? And your hope once they received your cute Korean dessert shop.

Most of my customers reached me via Instagram or Whatsapp. I hope once they receive my candles, they will feel happy with the cute purchased. I’m delighted to see all the positive reactions when they received the candles!

Instagram | Facebook | WhatsApp

Review: I Tried 3 Products from ORYN Skincare for 1 month

If you think of orange, you will think of ORYN.

ORYN is a skincare brand that emphasises orange or vitamin C. They’re the Vitamin C skincare expert! The best part of all, it’s a local brand, #SapotLokal.

All the ingredients are of the best quality, which experienced chemists formulated. Some of the elements and technology are imported from Switzerland and Korea. They also have approval from the Malaysia Ministry of Health, and it’s free from SLS/SLES, Mercury, Hydroquinone, Triclosan and other dangerous chemicals.

Vitamin C is very in right now because since we are working from home (WFH), using this ingredient-based product can help minimise damage from blue light. So, besides the brightening effect, reducing the appearance of acne, that function is something to look forward to.

ORYN Skincare Cleanser

ORYN Skincare products texture
Texture shot!

ORYN HydraBright Cleanser

ORYN cleanser is formulated to help to clean, hydrate and brighten up your skin. Their low foam formulation is designed to maintain the skin moisture level. Some critical ingredients are multi-action vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, niacinamide, pentavitin and sweet almond oil.

Lili thoughts:

When I squeeze 2 pumps of the cleanser, the smell of orange fills in my bathroom. It’s nice and refreshing. Although it’s awkward with less foam, I find the thick and gel type of cleanser makes my skin feel soft and moisturising. The aftereffect is good, but it takes time for me to get used to it because I was so used to foamy cleanser.

Check out INCIDecoder analyse ingredients HERE.
Purchase ORYN HydraBright Cleanser HERE.

ORYN SKINCARE HydraBright Gentle Cleanser

Top (before) & Bottom (after).

ORYN HydraBright Clear Gel

This tiny bottle is specifically formulated with a highly stabilised Vitamin C form that will help treat acne and blemishes. Critical ingredients of ORYN Clear Gel are Multi-Action Vitamin C, Salicylic acid, Aloe Vera extract, Niacinamide and Zinc Oxide.

Lili thoughts:

I’m amazed by this product, to sums it up – it’s tiny but mighty. If you see before and after the photo below, you noticed tons of whitehead, sebaceous filament, and blackhead on my nose area, and it’s all almost gone!

With my regular cleaning on the area using the skin gritting method, I don’t have to worry about strawberry nose anymore. Please take note that only apply to trouble areas because I can assure you that one bottle will not be enough.

Check out INCIDecoder analyse ingredients HERE.
Buy ORYN HydraBright Clear Gel HERE.

ORYN SKINCARE Hydrabright Clear Gel

Left (before) & Right (after).

ORYN 5-in-1 HydraBright Moisturizer

It’s a premium moisturiser fully packed with Multi-Action Vitamin C from Korea, reducing ageing signs. With Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid and Pentavitin, this moisturiser will provide intense hydration, and it’s good for

Lili thoughts:

The texture is very thick for me, and I would advise you to use it at night if you don’t like thick gel-cream during the day. I experienced skin pilling quite often with this moisturiser, and it’s frustrating. So, I try to cut with layering and wait for it to absorb before applying other products. It seems to work a bit.

Check out INCIDecoder analyse ingredients HERE.
Buy ORYN 5-in-1 HydraBright Moisturizer HERE.

ORYN SKINCARE Hydrabright Clear Gel

Top (before) & Bottom (after).

Overall, it was an excellent experience to get to know another local beauty brand. If you like vitamin c products specifically, you can give ORYN a try! Out of the three, I like the cleanser the best because the orange smell wakes me up, and it feels good to have moisturised skin with the cleanser.

Buy the product at Shopee | Website | Facebook | Instagram

5 Groceries Shops You Can Try on Shopee Malaysia!

Malaysia is going through the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO)  until June 28, 2021. I am not sure where this is going, but I hope to curb this and not repeat the same things. Getting back to the topic, since we are encouraged to stay at home, here I list five grocery shops in Shopee Malaysia that you can buy your dry items, fruits or wet food!

1. Panda Fresh Grocer

If you’re looking for fresh vegetables with next day delivery around Klang Valley, Panda Fresh Grocer would be one of your choices. They have a 4.8% with 767 ratings.

Delivery: Free delivery if you buy above RM68.88
Perks: 100% product refund if found spoiled
Purchase via Shopee HERE
On Grocer Shopee
Photo by Aqalili Azizan

2. On Grocer

I’ve tried this service before, and they do provide a same-day delivery service. The items that I received are fresh, and their baby octopus are giant! They operate daily, and they can deliver to Selangor and the Kuala Lumpur area.

Delivery: Free shipping RM15 and above
Perks: 30% off Min. Spend RM100 Capped at RM2
Purchase via Shopee HERE

3. Full Fishery

I heard this store is famous as Full Fishery is the number one Livestream seafood e-commerce in Malaysia. They have more than ten years of experience in providing fresh seafood to restaurants and consumers. It’s a great place to shop for seafood.

Delivery: Free shipping if purchase RM200 (Klang Valley)
Perks: 5% coins cashback Min. Spend RM180 Capped at 300 Coins
Purchase via Shopee HERE
The Fruits King Shopee
Photo by the customers at The Fruits King

4. The Vege Shop

Besides selling vegetables, The Vege Shop also have Dim Sum, Bao and frozen food. They have a 65.7k rating which most of them vote for 4.9%. Other than that, they have eight years of experience as a Vegetable Wholesaler based in Cameron and Klang.

Delivery: Free delivery above RM79 (applicable to certain area only)
Perks: RM2 off Min. Spend RM100
Purchase via Shopee HERE

5. The Fruits King

Fruits, kurma, snacks, condiments, drinks and canned foods – these are few things you can get from The Fruits King. They will process and send it to you within 48 hours upon placing orders, and they ensure you will receive fresh goods.

Delivery: Not sure about free delivery option.
Perks: RM2 off Min. Spend RM100 / RM4 off Min. Spend RM180
Purchase via Shopee HERE

That’s it from me! If you have tried any online grocery services, let me know in the comment below. I would love to know about it and maybe try the service when I had the chances!

3 Malaysia Bullet Lipstick Brands Available on Shopee!

I’m a lipstick lover,, and when I saw local brands keep coming out with the great formulation, I was like let’s give them some love. All the reviews left across social media make me tempting to try this three brands that have bullet lipsticks – IFX Cosmetics, Milky Moon Cosmetics and Nita Cosmetics.

Have you tried one of these brands before? Leave your review on the comment box below and if you have not, yet, keep on scrolling for more information.

1. IFX Cosmetics

IFX Cosmetics owns by Ifa Razak with aim to cater to every skin colour and skin tone. It said on the website that they’re cruelty-free, wallet friendly and picture worthy! The packaging is insta worthy and turns out they upgraded their bullet lipstick formulation, and it’s called Velour Rouge Lipstick 2.0.

It suppose to glide like a butter, lightweight, moisturising and gave full colour payoff. There are seven shades available and the finish is velvety matte. You can also use this lipstick as a blusher and eyeshadow – three in one!

IFX Cosmetics Velour Rouge Lipstick 2.0
Image by IFX Cosmetics
Bestseller Velour Rouge Lipstick shades: 1996 (Warm terrocoata with red undertone), Better Than Yours (Warm brown with orange undertone), Twitter Sister (Warm pink with slightly orange understone).

Price: RM45 exclude postage

Buy Velour Rouge Lipstick on Shopee.

For more info, visit IFX Cosmetics.

2. Milky Moon Cosmetics

Milky Moon Cosmetics is a beauty brand with a extra kick! Aside from giving us that cosmic universe vibe across the social media, I heard their Clara Soft Matte Lipstick have a great formulation. No fur babies were harmed in the process which makes them cruelty-free, vegan friendly and it’s paraben free too!

The Clara Soft Matte Lipstick is weightless bullet lipstick with a velvety matte finish. Currently, it’s available in  six specially curated shades for your everyday wear.

Milky Moon Cosmetics Clara Soft Matte Lipstick
Image by Milky Moon Cosmetics
Bestseller Clara Soft Matte Lipstick shades: Luna (deep mauve), Lynx (chestnut brown), Leo (orange-toned pink)

Price: RM45 exclude postage

Buy Clara Soft Matte Lipstick on Shopee.

For more info, visit Milky Moon Cosmetics.

3. Nita Cosmetics

A fun, quirky and give a local touch brand, Nita Cosmetics has been one of the homegrown cosmetic brand for people look out to since 2016. All of their products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and carries wide range of hypoallergenic makeup products to suit all skin tones at an accessible price!

This included their Balik Kampung series called Tapau, Bungkus or Ikat Tepi Mini Bullet Matte Lipsticks. The bullet lipsticks have a creamy texture, matte finish but still, hydrates your lips. The best part is, it’s cocoa scented, so people said it’s like eating your kuih raya!

Nita Cosmetics Balik Kampung Series Mini Bullet Matte Lipstick
Image by Nita Cosmetics
Bestseller Balik Kampung series: Tapau Series Mini Bullet Matte Lipstick, Bungkus Series Mini bullet Matte Lipstick.

Price: RM49 (5 mini bullet lipsticks) exclude postage

Buy Balik Kampung Series on Shopee.

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Reverie Touch | Green Tea & Rosy Glow Rubber Mask

Welcome back to #SapotLokal corner, where I introduced you to Malaysian brands, and it’s time to bring the spa to your own home with Reverie Touch!

About Reverie Touch

Made in Malaysia and formulated in Korea, we get the best of both worlds packed with premium ingredients for the Reverie Touch rubber mask (also known as modelling mask). They ensure to give you a moisturising, refreshing and pleasant mask experiences which I will talk about that more for two types of rubber mask – Green Tea & Rosy Glow.

About Green Tea & Rosy Glow

If someone asks me which one that I prefer, both masks have different functions.

Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidants which can minimise signs of ageing. It can also reduce excess sebum, which great for open pores like mine, and it can fights acne and breakouts.

While the benefits of Rosy Glow Mask is to soothe skin irritation, give a brightening effect, act as gentle astringent (less oily appearance) and ease sunburns.

The main ingredients for both of the masks are

  • Hyaluronic Acid (lightweight & fast absorbing)
  • Allantoin (improves skin dullness)
  • Licorice Root Extract (fix uneven skin tone)
  • Purslane (promotes anti-ageing)
  • Algin (helps to smoothen & soften skin texture).

Reverie Touch Rubber Mask Green Tea & Rosy Glow Info Reverie Touch Rubber Mask Green Tea & Rosy Glow Info

How to use:

Things you need to prepare are a sachet of Reverie mask, bowl, spatula, water or toner of your choice (optional).

First, open a sachet and put everything in a bowl (one pack is enough for the whole face). Second, pour in 20ml of water, filtered water would be the best option, and you can also put a few drops of your brightening/hydrating toner to help boost mask effects. Then mix it well!

Please apply the mask immediately since it will harden quickly. Please leave it to dry from 15 to 20 minute. Peel it off and clean the residue by washing or used toner. Then, don’t forget to continue with the rest of your skincare routine!


Reverie Touch Rubber Mask Reverie Touch Rubber Mask Rosy Glow Reverie Touch Rubber Mask Green Tea Reverie Touch Rubber Mask Green Tea & Rosy Glow Texture

Lili thoughts:

I know about the rubber mask existence. Therefore, I always wondered how different is the process and how quickly I can see the results. It doesn’t disappoint.

I don’t see the mixing part as a hassle, as it takes some time to get the right consistency. For me, it’s pretty satisfying to do it. Since Reverie provides instruction, I’m sure if it is not the first try, the second one would be great.

The consistency needs to look like toothpaste but a bit runny, so it will be easy to put on the face before it hardens. I did the double masking to put the Green Tea on my T-zone while the rest with Rosy Glow. If you want to see my result, scroll until you reach the last photo.

Once it touches your face, you can feel a cooling sensation, and it’s calming. The calmness enhances when you put on the candle and relax on the bed. You are bringing the spa to your own home, which is a great couple activity too.

Price: 1 box - RM35, 3 box for RM100 (promotion price) 

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Reverie Touch Rubber Mask Green Tea & Rosy Glow On Face Reverie Touch Rubber Mask Green Tea & Rosy Glow Texture on Face

Reverie Touch Rubber Mask Before & After
The results double masking: Green Tea and Rosy Glow at the same time.

7 Muslim Friendly Kimchi You Can Get Online on Shopee Malaysia!

In another Sapot Lokal series where I compiled a local business owner that you can support in Malaysia! This time is about a staple Korean cuisine called Kimchi.

If I’m not mistaken, in every Korean household, Kimchi will always be there, and it’s fun to know that they have a specific fridge to store it too. It’s fun to get to know about other culture!

Let’s start the listing of 7 Muslim friendly homemade Kimchi you can get online on Shopee Malaysia!

1. Penguin Taste Kimchi

There are 3 types of Kimchi that Penguin Taste sells: Napa Cabbage Kimchi, Cube Radish Kimchi and Vegan & Vegetarian Kimchi.

So far there is one thousand 5 stars review, and you can see the Kimchi arrived in good condition. About the taste, the customers said that the classic kimchi taste vinegary and it was a bit sweet for vegan & vegetarian kimchi. After reading 8 pages of review, I can’t found how to describe the cube radish kimchi on the 5 stars page.

Price: 350g starts from RM15, 700g starts from RM27
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

penguin taste kimchi shopee

2. Oppa Kimchi

Oppa Kimchi’s homemade cabbage kimchi is specially handmade by Korean OPPA with 50 years traditional recipe from his mom.

I’ve tried this before, and it’s sour which is good to make kimchi jigae or kimchi jeon (pancake). It got a balance to it, quiet vinegary too, but it’s how Kimchi will taste like in Korea. I will repurchase if I want to make those two dishes.

By the way, their Kimchi got no preservative and MSG.

Price: RM15 (300g), RM19 (500g) and RM28 (1kg)
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

oppa kimchi shopee

3. Shin Korea Kimchi

Introducing Shin Korea signature Kimchi, freshly made every week by their beloved Korean Mama! Korean mama is a cute 42 years old Korean lady who lives in Kuala Lumpur for more than 8 years.

It’s an adorable description that I found on their Instagram! Shin Korea sells two types of Kimchi which are cabbage and radish. So far, the review has been positive – taste nice, fresh and delicious.

Price: Cabbage kimchi 200g starts from RM12, Radish kimchi 200g starts from RM14
Postage fee: Delivery around Klang Valley only starts from RM30 on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

shin korea kimchi shopee

4. Ommason Kimchi

If I’m not mistaken, I spot this Kimchi at Tesco Rawang, and I was like, you go girl! As mentioned in the Shopee title description, the kimchi is Halal certified by Jakim, and that’s excellent news.

I also read that they’re partially organic, vegetables are from Cameron Highlands and the apple, pear and chillis from Korea. There is no MSG, artificial flavour & colour and no preservatives.

Price: 1 pack of 350 starts from RM29
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

ommason kimchi shopee

5. Oppa Kimchi Store

I found this kimchi seller impressive because you can choose your spicy desire level starts from light to hell. I was like, that’s a good one to give choices to the buyers.

They sell a few kimchi types, like the standard, vegetarian, keto and Low Carb High Fat Paleo Diet (LCFH). So far, the 854 buyers are happy with the kimchi and gave 5 stars reviews.

Price: All three types of kimchi 500g starts from RM17
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

kimchi oppa store shopee 1

6. Omma’s Kimchi

Every kimchi from Omma’s Kimchi is produced in every middle of the month! So far, 1.1k buyers are happy with their purchase, and there are few reviewers stated suits their taste.

Price: 500g kimchi at RM20
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

Omma's Kimchi shopee

7. Kimchi Shop

It’s a homemade Malaysian taste made by qismi81 from Selangor area. Like Oppa Kimchi Store, you can choose less spicy or hot & spicy, depending on your preferences!

Price: 300g at RM13, 500g at RM21
Postage fee: Starts from RM0 to RM4.77 on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

kimchi shop qismi81 shopee