Dr. Seed Hair Solution Booster Anti Dandruff Review

I always feature skincare and makeup on my blog, but I want to let you know it’s also important to take care of yourself from head to toe. Therefore, I want to share about hair care and introduce you to one of Dr. Seed Solution Booster Natural Complex Therapy – Anti Dandruff.

About Dr. Seed

Dr. Seed is a hair and body care range from Korea, and aim to be more eco-friendly with safe ingredients based on various natural seeds and keep their original functions as a daily use product.

Their motto is straightforward: Beginning the day with nature. Under the brand, you will find products such as hair shampoo, hair treatment, solution booster and body wash. Each product comes with 10 scents made by professional perfumers.

Dr. Seed Solution Booster Natural Complex Therapy Anti Dandruff Dr. Seed Solution Booster Natural Complex Therapy Anti Dandruff

What is Solution Booster?

I want to clarify that booster is not a hair serum, and the products are meant to add to the shampoo of your choices. To add more benefits for your hair!

There are three types of boosters, such as:

  • Scalp Cleaning: Contains useful and unique ingredients for oily scalp care, including Dermatic AC3 and Centella Asiatica extract, witch-Hazel extract, lemon extract, green tea extract, tea tree leaf extract, and seawater.
  • Anti Hair Loss: Contains menthol, panthenol, salicylic acid ingredients. It’s useful to make a strength of the scalp and anti-hair loss.
  • Anti Dandruff

Anti Dandruff Solution Booster

If your scalp feels itchy, have dandruff, scratch scalp with nails while washing or get dandruff easily even though wash and shampoo thoroughly, the Anti Dandruff is a solution booster made for you.

Main ingredients: Avocado Oil, Kelp Extract, Allantoin (chamomile, sugar beets, wheat sprout & comfey).

Benefits: Clean pores by removing dirt & oil, balancing water-oil of your scalp, and normalise dead skin production cycle.

How to use: Put an adequate amount of shampoo to your hand, pump 1 or 2 drops of the booster to your shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly.

Dr. Seed Solution Booster Natural Complex Therapy Anti Dandruff
It’s a gel texture and very lightweight.
Dr. Seed Solution Booster Natural Complex Therapy Anti Dandruff
Pump 1 or 2 drops to your shampoo for the miracle goodness!

Lili thoughts:

I have dandruff problems for ages and it still building up right now. Due to that, I have tried tons of dandruff products, countless, so why not try the Anti Dandruff solution booster from Dr. Seed.

It’s my first time hearing about this concept and a bit sceptical. But, then, I was wrong. Even though Dr. Seed said you don’t have to buy shampoo from them, I will encourage you to do that because I’ve tried on two brands.

Brand A, hair fall shampoo is a bad combination as my hair felt super dry. Brand B, dandruff shampoo, great option. But, with Dr. Seed Super Seed Bomb Revitalize Shampoo, my hair felt super soft and smells good because of the peach scents. Love it!

It feels good after washing my hair because I can feel the cooling effects while waiting for my hair to air dry. Once it’s dry, the sensation is gone. Another thing is, I can comb my hair smoothly, no more stuck!

Overall, I recommend you to try the combination of solution booster and shampoo of your choices from Dr. Seed. If you have a dandruff problem, you might have found the right one for your hair!

Best combination ever!

Dr. Seed Solution Booster Natural Complex Therapy Anti Dandruff

Price: RM69
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Scalp Treatments Review at Wellness Scalp Station

Last year, my scalp condition started to get worse. I’m not sure if it’s because of the products or my way of washing my hair, but I know that it’s getting out of hand! So, I need to find a solution pronto. I found this deal on Fave apps and decided to give it a try on December 28, 2019, because oh why not it’s only RM11.03 for 2-hour treatments. For me, it is a jackpot!

Make sure to read until the end of the post because I got something for you guys!

I went for the first trial and ended up subscribe on my own for 10 + 1 treatment and received free products according to my hair situation. So, let’s begin talking about the procedures. This treatment that I purchase called as 2-hour herbal generating hair and scalp treatment.

Wellness Scalp Station
Spacey place, but right now they only accept 1 person per time slot during the CMCO
Wellness Scalp Station
The hair wash area
1. They do the point massage which is for scalp relaxing.
2. Hair steaming for 20 minutes to help open up the hair follicle and I can feel a little bit of pain since it's been around 3 months that I didn't do any treatments.ย 
3. They put a mask on my scalp, using natural plants such as ginseng and mint. My scalps started to get red and sensitive because I sleep late and I scratch it before because it can get so itchy. 
4. While the hair mask is on my scalp, they put the hair steamer for 30 minutes to let the product absorb and softens the dandruff.
5. Then, Yuki rubs my scalp to let all the softens dandruff completely out. 
6. Wash my hair with their in house shampoo and use the conditioner as a mask for 15 minutes. Their products used Korea formulation.
7. Blow-dry my hair a bit and put their hair tonic. 
8. Since my scalp is still red, she put something to soothe it out.
9. Last but not least, the staff, Yuki put the hair oil and blow-dry.

My Honest Review

My scalp is sensitive, and Yuki told me I had developed an allergic, hence the redness. But after 3 months of not doing the treatments and doing all those steps, my scalp felt super light, and I can see that my scalp is much cleaner than before. The thing is, it’s not just by doing the treatments that are going to help me to get rid of my scalp problems. Yuki advises me to drink more plain water, avoid spicy food and have enough sleep, which I usually won’t do. My sleep schedule is terrible, and it needs a change.

Another good thing about this centre is with the price that I paid they will add more way to treat our scalp if needed without additional charge. So, besides the standard procedure, they used varies of machines too, and I tried the LED light therapy for my hair before.

Regarding the standard operating procedures during the CMCO, she uses face shields, disposable gowns and gloves while treating me.

Overall, I have been to this centre to get my scalp treatment for more than 5 times. Yuki is very friendly, and she gave me tons of advice on how to take care of my hair and scalp. Before I came here, I didn’t wash my hair thoroughly, so she showed me the right way to wash my hair. So, I learn more when I came here, and so far I can see good results – I had less hair fall, itchiness and dandruff after a few treatments.

Wellness Scalp Station
The after photos
Wellness Scalp Station
The redness and dandruff that still need to get rid off
ADDRESS: E-08-08, Menara Suez Cap 2, No. 2 Jalan Kerinchi, Gerbang Kerinchi Lestari
59200 Bangsar (You need to register @ LG2 first)
CONTACT: +603 7932 0098 / +6016 929 7999
NORMAL OPENING HOURS:  Monday, Wednesday - Sunday, from 11:00 - 20:00, closed on Tuesday 
Website | Facebook | Instagram

If you’re friends of mine who really want to try this scalp treatments, you can WhatsApp me personally to get the surprise!