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Places to Stay: Noordin Mews, Penang

Aqalili AzizanMarch 10 2019

What you always looking for when you are in Penang? Food! Am I right? Well, let’s get a bit far and talk about heritage—a heritage hotel, to be exact.

I lost count how many times I visit Penang; it could be more than six times or less than that (obviously more). I love Malaysia, food is the best, especially after two weeks discovering other countries. Nothing beats a place called home.

But, usually, when I visit the island, it’s either a day trip from Kedah or the other north side. We aren’t bothered about accommodation because it will be around a 6-hour drive to Selangor (if you are not visiting during the peak season).

So, here I am, a local girl stayed at Noordin Mews, an intimate 1920s Peranakan shophouse turned hotel for one night.

1. The Mews Room

They have THREE types of room – Noordin Suite, Sultan Suite, and the Mews Room. It’s different in terms of size, how many people can fit in, the structure of the room, and of course, prices.

For me, the room that I get to stay in is the basic one – 350 square feet, with one king-size bed and one single day bed (upstairs and downstairs choices). It was a huge room that can fit three people instead of one only so you can imagine I’m ‘quite’ a scaredy-cat sleeping in that vast room.

But, it does remind me of home because my parent’s house has the same tiles as they designed, antique but sturdy wood furniture and necessities that every traveller need.

2. Keep Swimming

Noordin Mews keep on surprising me behind the unexpected small building that I saw from the front. I cannot believe they have a swimming pool (pardon me. I didn’t do any research when I came here).

The best part is it open until 10 pm so you can cool off your body after exploring Georgetown’s streets! Other recreational facilities that you need to take note are a common room, a wide selection of board games, and in-room foot and body massage (upon request).

Because I went there for work, I didn’t go for swimming (but I brought my swimming clothes #alwaysprepared) instead, we (media friends) make use of the common room! It was midnight and munched on McDonald’s while talking and sharing stories. But, the area isn’t soundproof, so it’s better to keep your voice down!

3. Fulfilling Lunch & Breakfast

Just located beside the pool, spot an area of breakfast and lunch there. For lunch, it was more like Baba Nyonya style food, and it comes with a full course to dessert, loves every single of the food and it’s delicious!

As for breakfast, they have Nasi Lemak and western-style breakfast. So, of course, with all the Malay food that I ate last few weeks, I need a step away from coconut milk food. We have bacon, eggs, some salad, and a whole English breakfast style.

By the way, breakfast is complimentary, it was fresh made-to-order, and you can personalise the service catered to you!

Nordin Mews Penang
Full set on the breakfast table

4. Quite a Work-Friendly Hotel

What I meant by quite is they don’t have like a specific space for work, but the day bed works for me as I like to lie down while doing some tasks. There are also lots of plugs for me to charge my camera batteries and laptops (yes, I bring two laptops just in case). They also provide printing and notebook services. I never had the opportunities to use it, so let me know once you tried the facilities!

Nordin Mews Penang
This is the day bed that I talked about!

5. Friendly Staff and Good Services

I mean, it doesn’t matter if they knew me as a media or not, service must be fair to all the guests. So far, I did check the review first, and they received a lot of positive reviews. I, myself, experienced it.

They send our luggage to each of our rooms since the hotel only has stairs to go upstairs, it was convenient. But, during the checkout, I just brought in down – no big deal since I just have a backpack and tote bag. The staff is amiable, and they served everything with a smile, all I need to do is to smile back.

Nordin Mews Penang
You won’t believe the vast space from looking at the front door, so don’t judge a book by its cover!

Overall, will I recommend this hotel to other people? Well, yes, if you are on your honeymoon and plan to stay in the heritage hotel more than discovering outside of the Penang. The only downside for me is the portrait that they hang inside the room, it’s not like I experienced scary things, it just makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I understand and appreciate the concept.

Rating for Noordin Mews (out of 5)
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