Wall Decor Ideas with Gayaseoul Merchandise

gayaseoul merchandise posters postcards

Staying at home can be a little bit boring, to be honest! Because we woke up and we work in the same place daily. So, to spice things up, I can suggest you rearrange furniture or as the title said, decorate your wall!

My Instagram explores page is full of #집꾸미기, which mean decorating the home or interior design. I love looking at Korea interior page because of the aesthetic, and I love minimalist interior space. Before we get in-depth, let me tell you a little bit about Gayaseoul.

About Gayaseoul

Gayaseoul is a Ladies only community where you can share everything about Korea. From food, beauty, fashion, to culture. 

Here are some things that they have at Gayaseoul:

  • Ladies Community (Malaysian, Indonesian, Brunei and Singapore)
  • Korea Inspired Merchandise
  • Travel (Closed until further notice)
  • Event (Korea Culture related event)
gayaseoul merchandise posters postcards
Are you ready?

What is Gayaseoul Merchandise?

Since Gayaseoul can’t provide any travel package right now, they are focusing more on merchandise like Korean inspired posters, postcards and coming soon – calendar 2021!

In this post, I used their vintage postcards and Hanok Collection posters. All the photos are 100% taken by the founder of Gayaseoul herself while travelling to Korea before the pandemic.

The price range is from RM20 and not more than RM45 with free shipping. This is an average price that I saw on both of their Shopee and Etsy platform, which cater to Malaysia and International buyer!

gayaseoul merchandise posters postcards
If you love Hanok (Korean traditional house), you will love this poster!
gayaseoul merchandise posters postcards
A collection of four vintage design postcards.
gayaseoul merchandise posters postcards
First 100 buyers will receive these goodies from Gayaseoul!

Here’s how I decorate my empty wall with the merchandise:


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What do you think about the wall decor? Looks awesome right! Hopefully, this post can give you some idea on how to decorate your empty wall. If you watch the video, you don’t need to drill the wall, tack-it is more than enough to stick all those cute postcards and posters. Till then, stay safe!


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