Kung Jung Korean Restaurant PNB Kuala Lumpur

Kung Jung Korean Restaurant | Halal Korean BBQ in KL

Aqalili AzizanDecember 6, 2020

I love Korean food (한국 음식), and I discover quite a few incredible Authentic Korean restaurant in Malaysia. But, I’m specifically always craving for Korean BBQ, and to find the Halal and delicious version of that can be a little bit challenging.

After tons of research on Instagram, I spot this one pork-free restauran that served Halal meat in PNB Perdana Kuala Lumpur called Kung Jung Korean Restaurant!

Jung Kung Korean Restaurant PNB KL Jung Kung Korean Restaurant PNB KL 2

About Kung Jung Korean Restaurant

A Korean family runs Kung Jung Korean Restaurant for more than 20 years. So, you get to experience the exact traditional interior designs with the authentic recipe.

Their mother focuses on preparing the food, while her two daughters are going to provide you with warm hospitality when they served the food.

For the private room, it’s open to a group of people with SOP. It’s better to book with them 1 week before, to avoid disappointment.

Jung Kung Korean Restaurant PNB KL

Jung Kung Korean Restaurant PNB KL

What kind of food did they serve?

  • Korean BBQ
  • Ala carte
  • Soup and rice dishes
  • Noodles
  • Lunch special set
  • Beverages (non-alcohol, alcohol and juices)
  • Dessert (Haagen-Dasz ice cream only)
Click link here to see menu video, so you can plan ahead!

What we tried at Kung Jung

  • Chu Mul Luck (Charbroiled marinated beef) – RM 84
  • So Kal Bi (Marinated spare ribs) – RM84
  • Pah Jeon (Korean style pancake, pan-fried with spring onion & seafood) – RM 38
  • Topokki (Stir-fried spicy rice cake) – RM40
  • Dol Sot Bi Bim Bam (Rice with various vegetables in a hot stone pot) – RM29
  • Yuk Gae Jang (Spicy beef stew served with rice) – RM30
  • Korea Gom Tang (Oxtail soup served with rice) – RM38
Chu Mul Luck (Charboiled marinated beef)
Chu Mul Luck (Charbroiled marinated beef) before.
Chu Mul Luck (Charboiled marinated beef)
Chu Mul Luck (Charbroiled marinated beef) after.
So Kal Bi (Marinated spare ribs)
So Kal Bi (Marinated spare ribs) before.
So Kal Bi (Marinated spare ribs)
So Kal Bi (Marinated spare ribs) later.

Lili thoughts on Korean BBQ:

The marinate of Korean BBQ is perfect. You can smell the aroma from the raw meat to when they burnt it on the charcoal grill. Then, it dissolves into your mouth.

You also have to try them in dipping sauce (Ssamjang, 쌈장) and make into a wrap (Ssam, 쌈). Adding chilli and raw garlic also enhance meat taste. If you need carbohydrate, order and put some rice there! Perfect meal.

Pah Jeon Korean style pancake
Pajeon in pizza form.
Pah Jeon Korean style pancake Jung Kung Korean Restaurant
They will cut the pajeon for you!
Look at that Topokki!
Their in-house banchan (side dishes).

Lili thoughts on Korean snacks and side dishes:

I consider Korean pancake and Topokki are the Korean snacks because that’s what I will eat for snacks. The banchan (반찬) aka side dishes is something that every Korean restaurant will serve.

The pajeon is crispy, thick and perfect. While the Topokki sauce got that smokey taste and it’s not as spicy as I thought. The rice cake is also cooked perfectly.

All the banchan are good. But, you will keep coming back for the cheesy mash potatoes. By the way, ask away if you want to refill the side dishes. It’s complimentary.

Dol Sot Bi Bim Bam Jung Kung Korean Restaurant
Dol Sot Bi Bim Bam.

Koree Gom Tang Jung Kung Korean Restaurant

Koree Gom Tang Jung Kung Korean Restaurant
Koree Gom Tang.
Yuk Gae Jang Jung Kung Korean Restaurant
Yuk Gae Jang.

Lili thoughts on Korean main dishes:

The gochujang sauce and everything match made in heaven on Bibimbap. I can’t explain further since I just took one bite from my friend. But, nothing could go wrong with this dish.

The Gom Tang is a bit bland. But, they will give you salt and pepper so that you can adjust the taste to your liking. So basically, they give you the base, and it’s up to you to change. The meat, though is enormous!

While the Yuk Gae Jang it was okay for me. You can taste the kick a bit, but I think it’s a bit bland.

Overall, I’m thrilled to encounter Kung Jung Korean restaurant. I’ve been there twice and going to keep coming back for more. The price for me is affordable for Korean BBQ with the amount and quality. Other than that, the price range for the main meal is similar to other Korean restaurants.

Address: Lot No 3.1 Level 3 PNB Perdana (formerly known as PNB Darby Park, Jln Binjai, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Near LRT Ampang Park.
Operation hours: Closed on Sunday. Open Monday to Saturday from 11.30am to 2pm, 6pm to 10pm.

Phone: 03-21667181
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