7 Muslim Friendly Kimchi You Can Get Online on Shopee Malaysia!

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In another Sapot Lokal series where I compiled a local business owner that you can support in Malaysia! This time is about a staple Korean cuisine called Kimchi.

If I’m not mistaken, in every Korean household, Kimchi will always be there, and it’s fun to know that they have a specific fridge to store it too. It’s fun to get to know about other culture!

Let’s start the listing of 7 Muslim friendly homemade Kimchi you can get online on Shopee Malaysia!

1. Penguin Taste Kimchi

There are 3 types of Kimchi that Penguin Taste sells: Napa Cabbage Kimchi, Cube Radish Kimchi and Vegan & Vegetarian Kimchi.

So far there is one thousand 5 stars review, and you can see the Kimchi arrived in good condition. About the taste, the customers said that the classic kimchi taste vinegary and it was a bit sweet for vegan & vegetarian kimchi. After reading 8 pages of review, I can’t found how to describe the cube radish kimchi on the 5 stars page.

Price: 350g starts from RM15, 700g starts from RM27
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

penguin taste kimchi shopee

2. Oppa Kimchi

Oppa Kimchi’s homemade cabbage kimchi is specially handmade by Korean OPPA with 50 years traditional recipe from his mom.

I’ve tried this before, and it’s sour which is good to make kimchi jigae or kimchi jeon (pancake). It got a balance to it, quiet vinegary too, but it’s how Kimchi will taste like in Korea. I will repurchase if I want to make those two dishes.

By the way, their Kimchi got no preservative and MSG.

Price: RM15 (300g), RM19 (500g) and RM28 (1kg)
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

oppa kimchi shopee

3. Shin Korea Kimchi

Introducing Shin Korea signature Kimchi, freshly made every week by their beloved Korean Mama! Korean mama is a cute 42 years old Korean lady who lives in Kuala Lumpur for more than 8 years.

It’s an adorable description that I found on their Instagram! Shin Korea sells two types of Kimchi which are cabbage and radish. So far, the review has been positive – taste nice, fresh and delicious.

Price: Cabbage kimchi 200g starts from RM12, Radish kimchi 200g starts from RM14
Postage fee: Delivery around Klang Valley only starts from RM30 on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

shin korea kimchi shopee

4. Ommason Kimchi

If I’m not mistaken, I spot this Kimchi at Tesco Rawang, and I was like, you go girl! As mentioned in the Shopee title description, the kimchi is Halal certified by Jakim, and that’s excellent news.

I also read that they’re partially organic, vegetables are from Cameron Highlands and the apple, pear and chillis from Korea. There is no MSG, artificial flavour & colour and no preservatives.

Price: 1 pack of 350 starts from RM29
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

ommason kimchi shopee

5. Oppa Kimchi Store

I found this kimchi seller impressive because you can choose your spicy desire level starts from light to hell. I was like, that’s a good one to give choices to the buyers.

They sell a few kimchi types, like the standard, vegetarian, keto and Low Carb High Fat Paleo Diet (LCFH). So far, the 854 buyers are happy with the kimchi and gave 5 stars reviews.

Price: All three types of kimchi 500g starts from RM17
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

kimchi oppa store shopee 1

6. Omma’s Kimchi

Every kimchi from Omma’s Kimchi is produced in every middle of the month! So far, 1.1k buyers are happy with their purchase, and there are few reviewers stated suits their taste.

Price: 500g kimchi at RM20
Postage fee: Free shipping on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

Omma's Kimchi shopee

7. Kimchi Shop

It’s a homemade Malaysian taste made by qismi81 from Selangor area. Like Oppa Kimchi Store, you can choose less spicy or hot & spicy, depending on your preferences!

Price: 300g at RM13, 500g at RM21
Postage fee: Starts from RM0 to RM4.77 on Shopee
To purchase this kimchi, click here.

kimchi shop qismi81 shopee

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