7 Muslim Friendly Danmuji You Can Get Online on Shopee Malaysia!

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Since my last post on Kimchi is a hit, it’s time to list another Korean side dish called Danmuji. Danmuji is a yellow pickled radish that you can always found in Kimbap. When you bite, you can taste that crispy, sweet and sour at one time. It’s a fermented vegetable where they put in vinegar and few spices to achieve that taste.

I like to match this with ramyeon too. But, usually, if you watch Korean Drama, you will see some of the characters eat the half-circle yellow radish with jjajangmyeon. I can understand why they compliment each other.

So, let’s start listing 7 Halal Korean snacks that are homemade and where you can get them online on Shopee Malaysia!

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1. Dalbitjib Korean Yellow Pickled Raddish

There are two types of Danmuji from Dalbitjib, which is the strips and sliced types. Both types got three options that you can choose from either 300g, 500g and 1000g.

Based on the reviews that I read, most of the reviews always mention the packaging problem. But don’t worry, they pack it diligently along with an ice pack which in the hope, you will still receive the package in good condition and can enjoy eating them!

Price: 300g at RM14.90 until 1000g at RM37.90
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM4.60
To purchase the strips danmuji, click here.For sliced danmuji, click here. 
dalbitjib danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
Dalbitjib Korean Yellow Pickled Raddish is available on Shopee Malaysia!

2. MariMogo Dazzling Danmuji

MariMogo danmuji sold around 3.1k packs that consist of 150g, 450g and 1000g. It’s made from fresh vegetables and premium ingredients, which are produced daily.

Like an above store, their danmuji is vacuum packed, so some buyers experience leaking and bursting. Since it’s a fermented food and when it was moving around transition, this thing may happen. I hope that you won’t experience the problem and get frustrated.

Price: 150g at RM12 until 1000g at RM80
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM4.60
To purchase MariMogo danmuji, click here.
marimogo danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
MariMogo Dazzling Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!

3. Bansang Halal Danmuji

Bansang Halal Danmuji sold around 79 bottles of danmuji with 29 ratings. They only sell one type of danmuji at 400g, but it’s interesting because they also sell in sets consisting of their trial pack of danmuji, kimchi, Myulchi Bokkeum and chilli flakes.

So far, based on the review, their customers are satisfied with their fast shipping and the taste as well. I like how they sell it a bottle, and I can imagine they use quite a lot of bubble wrap to prevent it from breaking.

Price: 400g++ at RM15
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM4.60
To purchase Bansang danmuji, click here.
bansang halal danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
Bansang Halal Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!
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4. Shin Korea Shin’s Selection Danmuji For Kimbab use

Shin Korea danmuji sell around 133 packs consisting of 200g, 500g and 1kg of danmuji. It’s 100% made in Korea, and they stated there is no Halal certified, so make sure to check with them regarding the ingredients. There are also two choices, either strips or sliced, which are mainly used for kimbap, but I can imagine myself eating it as a snack.

This store sells 100% authentic & original Korean groceries, and I love to see all the graphic they prepared to ease the purchase process for their customers. So far, 63 of them have given five stars review on this danmuji.

Price: 200g at RM7.50 until 1kg at RM30
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM8.00
To purchase Shin Korea danmuji, click here.
shin korea danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
Shin Korea Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!

5. GotKimchi Halal Danmuji

GotKimchi danmuji sell around 3.1k packs that consist of only 500g of danmuji. They fermented it with turmeric, black peppercorn, bay leaves, water, vinegar, sugar and sea salt. But, afraid not, they mentioned that there would be no strong turmeric smell and taste.

This store sells their Muslim made product such as fresh kimchi, danmuji, tteokbokki and jajang sauce. The customers were mostly happy with the fast shipping and the packaging because they put the danmuji inside a bottle. So, double the protection. But, there is a complaint about the smell, though, but some said it tasted fine despite that.

Price: 500g at RM18.99
Postage fee: RM0.00
To purchase GotKimchi danmuji, click here.
gotkimchi danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
GotKimchi Halal Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!

6. Danmuji Jjang by Aleeyanan

Aleeyanan sold around 306 packs that consisted of 200g and 400g of danmuji. It’s 100% Halal, vegetarian-friendly and homemade, which is based in Bota Perak.

Other than danmuji, this store also sells kimchi, pickle and kimchi paste. And so far, the customers are happy with their danmuji purchases making it 216 of them gave her five stars. Well, I might purchase this after my I finished my eating my danmuji.

Price: 200g at RM9 until 400g at RM18
Postage fee: RM0.00 - RM4.60
To purchase Aleeyanan danmuji, click here.
danmuji jjang by aleeyanan shopee malaysia aqasnote
Danmuji Jjang by Aleeyanan is available on Shopee Malaysia!

7. Aigoo Kitchen Danmuji Halal

Aigoo Kitchen sold around 42 packs that consisted of 170g danmuji. It’s 100% Halal, made by Muslims with their homemade brine-based in Kedah.

Other than danmuji, this store also sells kimchi, tteokbokki carbonara, jjajangmyeon, and so many more. I’ve tried these halal Korean snacks before, and they sent it in the package along with a tupperware, which I received broken. But, the danmuji arrived safely. The side dish leans towards sweet more, but it’s a good match for Korean black bean noodles.

Price: 170g at RM8.79
Postage fee: RM4.60
To purchase Aigoo Kitchen danmuji, click here.
aigoo kitchen danmuji shopee malaysia aqasnote
Aigoo Kitchen Danmuji is available on Shopee Malaysia!
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