Namil Bar Fight for My Way

Namil Bar | Fight for My Way Filming Location

Aqalili AzizanSeptember 7 2017

After Goblin end, Fight for My Way [쌈 마이웨이] is the second K-Drama that I get addicted to as I’m willing to wait for a new episode every single week! That addiction leads me to visit one of their filming location in Busan named Namil Bar [남일바].

I did some research beforehand and encountered this one website that lists out tons of K-Drama filming location: Korean Dramaland. To make sure we didn’t lose, I also asked a few Instagram peeps that have been there, and they’re accommodating! 정말 감사합니다 🙌.

Without further ado, let me explain to you how I went there from my accommodation, Hotel No.25, Sasang-gu. So here it is!

Sasang station ↠ Gaya station ↠ Take bus number 186 ↠ 
Get off at Aruemvill Apartment. (Google Maps Direction) 

Then, get off from the bus and follow direction on picture below. 

WARNING: There are a tons of stairs so be prepare to get sweat a lot!
Namil Bar Fight for My Way
Here some of the landmarks that you can look out for!

Lili experiences:

Namil Bar is the most random place I have ever been overseas! It’s exciting, but I feel guilty about dragging my younger brother and mom into this mess because it’s tough to find this rooftop.

Thankfully, while we lost, this one grandma seems to know where I’m heading to and show me a direction. She seems to know I’m Fight for My Way fans. Thanks to her, I get to visit Namil Bar!

When you arrived at the top of the building, you will see these building on your right side that will get you excited because you will see a laminate picture of Ko Dong-Man and Choi Ae-Ra on this building.

I was a bit disappointed because all of the filming stuff is gone and it seems they’re renovating the space. I would say this is open to the public, but I think there is someone who lives downstairs, so respect the space!

Overall, the view makes it worth the climb, especially for a big fan of Fight for My Way like me.

Namil Bar Fight for My Way Namil Bar Fight for My Way

Namil Bar Fight for My Way
The view is *chef kiss*

Fight for My Way Fun Fact:

Do you still remember where they come to Namil Bar from their house? Well, that house is a separate location named Hansung Apartment Building.

I didn’t get to visit both, but I will do so in the future. If you’re a fan of rooftop building, I recommend you to visit Namil Bar!

TIPS: If you’re in the area during night time, I advised you to make time for it because all the photos that I see on Instagram at night are breathtaking!


Location: Hocheon Village

News about the location on The Korea Bizwire | Instagram Posts on Namil Bar

Namil Bar Fight for My Way Namil Bar Fight for My Way

Namil Bar Fight for My Way
Thank you for following my crazy ideas! (U w U)

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