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Pici Wan Chai Hong Kong | Freshly Pasta Made Daily

Don’t worry everyone! I’m here safe in my country, Malaysia writing throwback travel stories because I miss that moment.

This trip happened on July 24 – 26, 2019, which was like two years ago, but I still haven’t forgotten Pici, an Italian restaurant that made pasta fresh daily. They have few branches in Hong Kong, but we went to Wan Chai branch.

Hands down, this is my favourite media trip! It doesn’t feel like I’m on a working trip for St. Regis Hong Kong, and I sincerely love the PR that took care of us.

Since I’m Muslim, they informed that truffle is one of the pasta that I can eat at Pici, so I ordered that.

pici hong king wan chai
They have two floors, but it’s a small space.
pici wan chai hong kong
But, they have good food, and I’m with good company.

What did I eat at Pici?

The lunch menu set changes weekly. So the restaurant probably doesn’t serve this dish anymore if I was there right now (please double confirm)! In 2019, their lunch price was 148 HKD consists of…

  • 1 starter: Burrata (Cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, olive oil)
  • 1 pasta: Tagliolini Truffle (Truffle sauce, shallot, butter, shaved fresh truffle)
  • 1 dessert: Tiramisu

pici wan chai hong kong

pici wan chai hong kong
Their menu at that time! I’ve checked their website, and it’s changed already.

Lili thoughts:

You can trust my judgement here. I’m a person that can still remember how it looks and taste like even after a few years.

We start with burrata cheese dish, which is a combination of mozzarella and cream. It’s soft and full of flavour. Good start with just a fair amount of appetiser.

Tagliolini Truffle is one of the famous pasta dishes at the restaurant, and they served it with fresh black truffles. The truffle taste is not strong for me, and I like the cheese’s balance, and well, it’s perfect. Pici served handmade pasta, and it’s a bit thick than typical pasta so, the portion may look small, but it’s fulfilling.

I’m not a big fan of Tiramisu but let me explain why. Usually, it’s too heavy for me and chocolaty, but Pici tiramisu doesn’t taste overwhelming. But, I hope to get more sweetness, but well because I’m a sweet tooth and it will be great after the truffle dish.

Overall, it’s such a pleasant lunch. Looking back at travel photos, I do think that sometimes I take things for granted. Hopefully, when Miss Rona goes away, we can travel again, explore and appreciate the experiences. Till then, make sure to stay safe!

Address: FG/F, No. 16 St. Francis Yard, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
Operation hours: Open daily from 11am to 6pm.

Phone: +852 2755 5523
Facebook | Website | Instagram
pici wan chai hong kong
Burrata (Cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, olive oil)

pici wan chai hong kong

pici wan chai hong kong
Tagliolini Truffle (Truffle sauce, shallot, butter, shaved fresh truffle).
pici wan chai hong kong

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