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Parrot Botanicals Soap and Shower Cream is Now Available in Malaysia!

Parrot Botanicals is the pride of the Thais brand! If you ask your parents, I guarantee they might use this brand back in the day. My mom said she used the Thai Botanical & Herbs soap since it was the only scent available then.

Now, they have extended the soap scents with shower cream that have a long-lasting fragrance of up to 8 hours.

I’m excited to talk more about this No.1 Authentic Thai Botanicals Freshnessness, so let’s get in deep about the products below!

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream is available in three scents—Thai Botanical & Herbs, White Thanaka and White Sakura. Every scent has its refreshing fragrance, lasting up to 8 hours! Smells good all day long.

  • Thai Botanicals & Herbs: If you spot Thai Botanical & Herbs as Parrot Botanicals’ signature scent. It combines some rare Thai botanicals and makes your skin feel fresh.
  • White Sakura: White Sakura is infused with nourishing properties for brighter natural pinkish skin.
  • White Thanaka: Thanaka is a paste made from ground bark, and it has a few benefits that can let your skin have smooth radiance skin.

Lili’s thoughts on Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream

Out of those three scents, I love White Sakura because of the scents. It has soft scents and contains nourishing properties for my skin.

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream Malaysia Aqa's Note

Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap

No matter how long it is, Parrot Botanical Bar Soap or Thai people called Parrot Soap. They have evolved, and they currently have 8 variants—5 from the classic series, while another 3 are from the pastel series.

But all the bar soap contained superb Thai herbs from Parrot’s secret formula.

  • Thai Botanical & Herbs: This is one number one best-selling since the old days. It contained a unique Thai botanical fragrance with clove oil and citronella oil.
  • White Sakura: Its gentle fresh white sakura scents will make you fall in love. Since it is also infused with ingredients for brighter and more natural pinkish skin.
  • Sweet Pink Rose: Enhance your skin with the sweet romance scent of rose and aloe vera.
  • White Thanaka: White thanaka soap must be your pick for brighter and long-lasting fragranced skin!
  • Thai White Jasmine: Pamper your skin with an extract from Tamarind and Thai Jasmine. The scent itself is sweet and refreshing.
Parrot Botanicals bar soap Malaysia Aqa's Note

Lili’s thoughts on Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap

Out of those five classic scents, my favourite is White Sakura. But the soap has excellent lathering, and it’s not as bubbly. Even though they contained fragrance but it doesn’t dry my skin either.

The scents also fade away, leaving subtle long lasting fragranced skin.

Parrot Botanicals Soap thai botanical herbs Aqa's Note

Where to Purchase Parrot Botanicals Soap and Shower Cream in Malaysia?

If you’re looking for the Parrot Bar Soap or Shower Cream, it’s available in Shopee and all hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and mini markets in Malaysia! It’s time to relieve back to your old times or try this Thailand brand that is LEGENDARY!

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