Island Chill natural mineral drinking water tapped from deep aquifers in Fiji

Island Chill | Natural Mineral Water from Fiji to Malaysia!

CMCO in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya are extending for another two weeks. So, it’s time to keep staying at home and get your hydration game going!

Speaking of hydration, I want to introduce you to Island Chill, a natural mineral water brand originate from the tranquil tropical islands of Fiji. Let’s see what’s so unique about this brand!

Drink plain water right after you wake up!

Island Chill Mineral Water Fun Facts

  • Contains no additives and remains untouched from the borehole to the bottle.
  • Island Chill is categorised as a soft to medium mineral-rich water.
  • Has been internationally-recognized by the prestigious International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) – a leading independent chef and sommelier-based organization in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Contained Fiji’s highest natural silica content for bottled water. Silica is known for promoting healthy hair, radiant skin, strong nails, essential for bone growth and development of the body. It also encourages proper mineral hormonal balance and energising the immune system.
  • The bottles are using recyclable and BPA-free PET bottles.
Island Chill natural mineral drinking water tapped from deep aquifers in Fiji
Get to know more about Island Chill here!

Lili thoughts:

I don’t know about you guys, but I can taste the differences in plain water. Like even though I already boiled my pipe water multiple times, I still can taste the iron-ish, which lead to sore throats. I’m thankful enough that they sent me two 500ml bottles of Island Chill because I can taste the differences. I can assure you that you will feel fresh on the first sip! It reminds me of Kagoshima mineral water. Dang, it’s a really good one!

Overall, the pricing also is not bad for the quality that you get. I thought it would be pricier, but it’s a good one. The best part is it’s easy to purchase, you can subscribe to their package or do one-off purchase. But, either way, it’s free shipping. So, that’s a great bargain that you have here.


500ML - RM 4.90, 1.5L - RM 9.90

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